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Juan's CrowdPoint Journey

This is a list of my events surrounding CrowdPoint's Advanced Medicine Exchange and Cyber Security Exchange.


Why I chose to become a Micropreneur

Why I chose to become a Micropreneur

For years I've known that I wanted to be in full control of my time. Being involved in a typical job that determines how, where and when I spend my time wasn't satisfying knowing I could be making my own decisions on what I wanted to do reach my own goals, not someone elses. Working 11-14 hours 6 to 7 days of the week for the government, who doesnt really care about their employees personally didnt help much in the satisfaction department either. I would think to myself logically and ask is this all that life has to offer? Literally 1/3 of my life would be spent doing something I am not passionate about and its taking all of my time. What good is money if you cant utilize it without calling off from work? How much does money really mean if you dont like your lifestyle?

I naturally found myself listening to Robert Kiyosaki podcasts and other free market capitalism recordings for about two years. Kiyosaki would always say something to the effect of,"Why would you work for money when the government is printing trillions?” And of course that makes perfect sense in terms of inflation and currency value but it didnt really make sense logistically at first until I learned more about business credit and about tax incentives as a combined thought. When you're able to fund businesses without your own money or personal credit, then using tax codes to save money and get business ideas it really doesnt make any sense at all to work for money if we will get funded to work for assets! The current economic system is in place for everyone to use and this economy technically NEEDS entrepreneurs to thrive. This is why I became a Microreneur. You have to start somewhere! Being a Micropreneur means Im free of a paycheck and decide if and when I want to look for the next deal like a full time entrepreneur would.

My initial interest in Crowdpoint was based on my trust in Dr Rashid Buttar, the CMO of Crowdpoint's Advanced Medical Exchange who introduced me to CrowdPoint which immediately blew me away. The potential that this ecosystem has to change lives, including my life, is major! Crowdpoint brings something huge to the table entrepreneurship for the little guys. With the data targeting system to the 2000+ categories of data, all generating very specifically targeted leads globally and a built in ecosystem to sell products and connect to customers it seems like the most difficult problems with getting a product out to the world is addressed in a powerful way. And that's just one thing these guys bring to the table out of many that I'm excited for.

A second component I'm excited for would be the VRAI technology and the Technician position that I could use at the beginning of my journey in case I need to earn extra money, which so far seems more rewarding than earning a paycheck and is something different from the typical delivery driving jobs in the gig economy. CrowdPoint may very well become a one stop aspiring entrepreneur / Micropreneur's almost all in one utility!

Lets see how this goes!
Thanks for reading :)

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