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Glass Shower Doors


Shower Door Installation Mistakes That Need to Avoid While Bathroom Remodeling

Shower Door Installation Mistakes That Need to Avoid While Bathroom Remodeling

The glass shower doors give sleek transparency to the bathroom that makes it appear larger than it is. You may choose framed or frameless shower glass while installing the fixed shower screen in bathrooms, there are some common mistakes that happen.

  • Saving Money and Compromising Quality
  • Choosing swinging door over sliding door
  • Shower Head Placement
  • Shower curb slope
  • Incorrect Measurements
  • Suitable Quality Glass
  • Bottom Line!
How to Replace Shower Door Bottom Seal Strip - Glass Genius

Shower door seals, like many things within a home, will eventually need to be replaced. Some can last for a long time, but to keep your shower door seal working effectively, keeping the rest of your bathroom clean and dry, you should inspect the seal annually and think about replacing it every couple of years—and be sure to look on both sides of the door and at the bottom.

Top Shower Door Designs of the Year 2021

A wide variety of shower door designs are available in the market. Which shower door design will trend the most this year? Let's find out.


The Best 5 Ways to Decorate Modern Living Room on an Operating Budget

The Best 5 Ways to Decorate Modern Living Room on an Operating Budget

Bring glass furniture to your living room, do you want to know the reason? Because glass reflects natural light, double up space by creating an illusion as well as bring uniqueness and modernity to any style. Glass Genius gives you an opportunity of ordering glass for table tops cut to size. With this opportunity, you can add a perfect-sized custom glass table top to protect your tables from scratching and serious damages.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas - Glass Genius

Kitchen improvement contributes a lot to the overall home value. It also claims the hygiene value in the house. So make sure to invest your time and cash in kitchen improvement.

Glass Table Top Replacements | Custom Glass Table Tops Online Order

Glass table tops enhance the interior effortlessly. Place your glass table top online orders at Glass Genius for the best quality custom glass table tops. The radiant glass table tops elevate the interior and give it a classy look. Glass table tops come in a variety of styles and finishes to grace the interior. You can easily order your desired glass table tops online at Glass Genius to adorn your living space.


Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Frameless shower doors provide a plethora of bathroom design possibilities. In the bathroom, frameless shower doors offer a wide range of design possibilities. Similarly, frameless shower doors come in a wide range of options, and they are less expensive than bespoke shower doors.

People are rapidly shifting from curtains to inline doors and panel enclosures. The water shower door looks immensely elegant with its sleek design that captivates people. Panel Enclosure increases the flow of light and makes your small bathroom appear bigger.

A Studio Apartment Makeover Ideas on a Budget

We all love enhancing our living space. But it can be a bit tricky to adorn the small spaces. Let's see how we can spruce up a small studio apartment on a budget. Keep minimum seating. You don’t want to bump into chairs and tables on your way to the kitchen so keep it minimalistic.

5 Easy Home Decorating Tips to Make Small Space Look Bigger and Brighter

Home decor is fun but outfitting small spaces can be a bit tricky. From color choices to furniture arrangement and mirror placements to lighting systems, everything counts if there is low square footage. However, on the bright side, setting up a small space is pretty simple. It’s all about employing some visual tricks to make the space look bigger. The interior experts have done a great job in this regard.