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Updated by Ombir Sharma on Aug 24, 2021
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Michael Price talks about the Season 5 of ‘F is for Family’ - The Next Hint

The team of F is for Family is working so hard for Season 5 that is planned to come later in this year only. Season 5 is going to be the final season for F is for Family. In this season, we will say goodbye to the Murphy family whom we have been checking since 2015.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Here is what you need to know - The Next Hint

The good news is that Season 5 of The Last Kingdom is coming to Netflix but the sad one is this is going to be the last installment. This means that Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will be the final season.

When will Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 premiere on Netflix? - The Next Hint

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has just wrapped its production and is coming to Netflix by July 2021. The Grey’s Anatomy, Season 17 will premiere in July 2021 for the US and some of the other regions. Here is the full update about Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy coming to Netflix.

Season 2 for ‘Never Have I Ever’ coming to Netflix in July 2021 - The Next Hint

Never Have I Ever is returning with a second season on Netflix in July 2021, be ready for it. Here are the latest updates that you need to have on Never Have I Ever, Season 2.

For The Build-Up Of Games, Microsoft Hired The Co-Creator Of Portal - The Next Hint

Recent updates claim that Microsoft has hired a co-creator for the portal. Kim Swift has been hired, perhaps she is one of the best-known co-creator of Portal, to oversee Xbox Game Studios Publishing’s collaborations with independent studios on the games that are built with the cloud. As per the reports, Swift is going to join as an senior director of cloud gaming after a stint at Stadia, she was the game design director over here.

When will Season 3 of ‘All American’ premiere on Netflix? - The Next Hint

All American finally wrapped up with the filming of Season 3 on The CW in early July 2021 and as a result, every fan of this series is expecting that it would arrive soon on Netflix. Let’s dig into everything that you need to know about All American, Season 3.

App Store is defended by Apple due to Antitrust Debates - The Next Hint

Recently, Apple published a 16-page report, this is a report that explains why it is going to be a bad idea to open up its mobile app store. The report, dubbed Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps, sets companies’ defense of the status quo. It was said that should the US force Apple to let third-party applications be there on iPhone and iPad, this will definitely harm the app market if done.

HP Elite Folio: A perfect hodgepodge of mobile-like features - The Next Hint

HP has managed a good name for making itself great by creating attractive, unique laptops. The Spectre notebooks crafted by HP are one of the greatest PC’s around us, while the original Spectre Folio was a head-turning mix of leather and metal. The company has still continued to make its superlatives like thinnest or the lightest with its Elite Dragonfly series, but the company is also trying too hard to bring new features for every device rolling out.

Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’ series will soon be out on Netflix - The Next Hint

Sex Education is returning to the Netflix streaming platform in September 2021. There are so many things that have been announced about Season 3 and some of the things are also there that are not yet revealed about this British comedy. Let’s dive into the article to know everything about the Season 3 of Sex Education.

‘The Movies That Made Us’ is returning with Season 2 in July 2021 on Netflix - The Next Hint

The Movies That Made Us is finally going to come back with a Season 2 after also airing a holiday season special in 2020. The new season is again going to cover around 4 movies from your childhood and you will definitely enjoy it. Here is everything that you need to know about Season 2 of The Movies That Made Us.

Mozilla’s Rally Instead Of Sharing Your Data With Advertisers Will Share It With Scientists - The Next Hint

By this point of internet history, we have to come to terms with the fact that accessing the web involves sharing our information whenever we get accessed to any of the websites. Mozilla thinks that we can do better, so it is launching Rally, this will be the best data-sharing platform and a plugin, the company has claimed all this about Rally. In addition, the company has said that this is the first of its kind in the browser space.

When is Season 3 of ‘Lost in Space’ releasing on Netflix? - The Next Hint

Lost in Space is currently in post-production as Netflix is all ready to release the third and last season of this series. Here is an update about everything that you need to know about the final season of Lost in Space.

When will Netflix premiere Season 3 of ‘Legacies’? - The Next Hint

Legacies is among the huge collection of The CW shows and will return with a Season 3 soon on Netflix. Here is everything that you need to know about the Season 3 of Legacies.

Mars Rover video and audio has been shared by China - The Next Hint

Let us tell you that the US is not the only country that is sending videos from Mars. As per the reports of SpaceNews, we have come to know that China has revealed both audio and video from Zhurong Rover’s early fourways on the Red Planet. The clips that have been shared by China are having both developments as well as the initial movement. Apart from this, you can also view a Panorama revealing just how far Zhurong has traveled from the revealing platform.

Mars Rover video and audio has been shared by China - The Next Hint — Steemit

Let us tell you that the US is not the only country that is sending videos from Mars. As per the reports of SpaceNews… by submits

‘Hometown ChaChaCha’ Netflix K-drama to be released soon on Netflix - The Next Hint

The Studio Dragon’s K-drama series Hometown ChaChaCha will be coming to Netflix in August 2021. Here is all that you need to know about the first season of this K-drama series. Dive deep to have details.

Is The OA Season 3 Really Happening? Know Here - The Next Hint

We know you must be thinking that Netflix made it pretty clear that The OA Part 3 will not see the light of day but why the speculations of a new season have started? Well, that’s because a series of mysterious posts by Zal Batmanglij, co-creator of the show, are creating a buzz over the OA season 3 rumors. These posts do not clearly say that a new season is coming but they signal a possibility.

Bollyshare: Free Website of 2020 for downloading of Quality Movies - The Daily Strength

Bollyshare is one of the best applications or websites that is being used by people for watching and downloading quality movies. As we all know that the whole world is suffering from COVID and due to this only a lockdown was imposed. During the period of lockdown, people got bored but all the movie lovers were enjoying because this is the site that helped them out to be occupied all day.

Cobra Kai Is Back For Season 4 — Terry Silver Returns - The Next Hint

Cobra Kai was first debuted on YouTube premium on May 2, 2018, created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. Due to its popularity, Netflix acquired the series in June 2020. The 3rd season of Cobra Kai premiered on January 1, 2021.

What's the Best Video Format for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

The video format is essential when posting content on social media. Learn what video format means and what video format to choose for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Riverdale Season 5 Returns With An Epic Turn Around - The Next Hint

Based on Archie Comics, the American drama series Riverdale first released in 2017. After 4 super hit seasons Riverdale season 5 came this year. Writer Ted Sullivan said that Riverdale season 5 will have a total of 19 episodes. Riverdale season 5 premiered in January, 2021 and the 10th episode of the season released on March 31, 2021. After the 10th episode, Riverdale has gone on a hiatus. 

Lucifer Season 6 - The Epic Finale Returns - The Next Hint

Netflix came to the rescue and renewed the TV series. Lucifer Season 5 ended in May 2021 and Lucifer Season 6 is all set to premiere soon on Netflix.

Johnny Test Season 2 is coming after its revival - The Next Hint

Netflix already released a new season of Johnny Test. Also, things are getting more exciting as Johnny test season 2 is also around the corner to release very soon.

‘Toast of London’ to leave Netflix in September 2021 - The Next Hint

The British comedy series is due to depart from the streaming platform Netflix. Recently, it has been updated that Toast of London- the British drama is going to leave Netflix on September 1st, 2021. This means that August 31st, 2021 is going to be the last day for you to complete all three seasons of it.

‘She’s All That’ remake ‘He’s All That’ is set to arrive on Netflix in August 2021 - The Next Hint

She’s All That is receiving all the gender-bender treatment with the upcoming adaptation that is He’s All That. It has been updated that She’s All That remake He’s All That is all set to arrive on Netflix in August 2021. We are keeping a record of each and everything related to this show. So, if you are interested in getting details about the She’s All That remake of He’s All That, then read here.