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Updated by Sylvia Cromwell on Aug 17, 2022
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Sylvia Cromwell CrowdPoint Distributor Micropreneur Journey Advanced Medicine Exchange

My list of events that led me to CrowdPoint, Cyber Privacy Exchange, and Advanced Medicine Exchange.Who Is Crowdpoint I Want More Information


My Crowdpoint Journey as a Small Business Owner and Consumer- The Importance of a Decentralized ID

My journey with Crowdpoint starts by giving the honor and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.His servant leadership that was taught to the apostles and his followers is the principal that I follow. Sean & Marlene at Crowdpoint have a servant leadership mentality-leading by example,by first becoming servants to those around us,thinking of how what we’re doing will benefit those around us first.We should love our neighbor as ourself and do no harm.Noone should be a slave to anyone else,&today, the digital identity slave trade is alive and well.Crowdpoint is spearing this fight against the global centralization of our digital world & with the help of all of us,the crowd,the digital marketplace will become decentralized,we will have a more secure internet,will allow everyone the choice & opportunity to select how their digital identity is handled and by who. Instead of a few large companies being the ones that get rewarded for trading your data,your identity,the end consumer will now be the one who gets rewarded and is in full control of his/her identity.At Crowdpoint, you are the value in the digital world- your identity will no longer be stolen and sold to the highest bidder. As a small business owner, I appreciate the Crowdpoint exchange, because no longer will the person having the biggest advertising budget rule the internet, but rather every small business owner will be empowered to compete in the digital marketplace. This is huge because this has been one of the largest stumbling rocks to growth for small businesses due to the exorbitant advertising fees charged without any guarantees that you will get a customer. This isn’t including website optimization, pay per click ad campaigns, and other time consuming and cost prohibited advertising fees. Crowdpoint offers continuous, interest-based leads, that are precisely searching for your product or service. This in turn, translates into more sales for the small business owners. No social media platform out there today offers anything even close to this. The choice is yours- will you idly sit as a bystander watching your identity continue to be stolen from you, or will you join me and others in Crowdpoint, and take control of your digital identity? As for me-it’s a no brainer. I want to be in control of my digital identity, and Crowdpoint is poised to help me achieve that goal, both as a consumer and as a small business owner. This is the key to end human trafficking in the digital world. This is my LINK that I want to share Advcanced Medicine Exchange check it out to learn how you can be part of this exciting journey together.

BlockChain Talk Session 5 Part 2

Crowdpoint Technologies is leading the digital revolution of freeing our individual identitites on the internet. Learn how you can benefit as an individual and as a small business owner by joining Crowdpoint in one of its many exchanges


How exciting that our digital identity will be free and we will get rewarded individually.
How Do I Join Crowdpoint

Crowdpoint Technologies Natural Health Products

The Advanced Medicine Exchange on CrowdPoint Blockchain, is a new platform that is here to stay, allowing only good people offering good natural health and b...


Sylvia Cromwell Crowdpoint International Distributor

Sylvia Cromwell Crowdpoint International Distributor

Meet the newest Micropreneur Distributor for Crowdpoint Technologies. At Crowdpoint, the value of the digital identity is YOU! Join one of our many exchanges- Crowdpoint, Cyber Privacy, Advanced Medicine, Real Estate, Health Care, Materials, Utilities, Information Technology, Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Industrials, and free your digital identity today.


Sylvia Cromwell Distributor for Crowdpoint Technologies explains what a Smart Contract is

Sylvia Cromwell Distributor for Crowdpoint Technologies explains what a Smart Contract is

A Smart Contract is a small computer program in the blockchain, which is known for its secure network due to its distributed ledger, keeping sensitive information safe, where those entering into the contract, identify the goals before releasing payment. It will make everyone more accountable when entering a contract with each other. Businesses will become more effective and accountable, when integrating its interactions with accounts. CrowdPoint Technology’s blockchain offers performance, protection, and privacy. When goals are met, funds are distributed as agreed and as set up in the smart contract, via distributed ledger. Contracts are stored in the blockchain and are immutable (once a smart contract is created, it can never be changed again) and are distributed (output of the contract is validated by everyone on the network; a single person cannot force the contract to release the funds, as it will be marked as invalid). Tampering with smart contracts will be impossible to do, offering everyone a secure contract. We can program a smart contract to hold funds until the terms of the contract are met. I'm Sylvia Cromwell, Distributor for all exchanges on Crowdpoint's Revolutionary Technology Digital Platform Join CrowdPoint Exchange Blockhain Ecosystem


1000 Platinum Crowdpoint Distributors- it's on

1000 Platinum Crowdpoint Distributors- it's on

As one of the first 1000 Crowdpoint Distributors, leading the digital freedom fight to help every one of us, I am truly humbled to be a part of this huge Blockchain Ecosystem that is powered by each and every one of us. Crowdpoint values the individual identity and that is what its first priority is. We leverage the power of the crowd as a leading and emerging fourth industrial revolution which will offer true digital freedom, privacy, protection, and performance for all, not just a few. It truly is 1000 vs. the digital world, but we know how it turns out because there are more of us than there are of them. Isn't it time for us to revolutionize the way we do business online, and know that we are secure in our purchases, knowing that each and every transaction and contract will be safe, secure, to the benefit of each and everyone of us that participates? Exciting times are here, my friends, and we invite you to join us in this journey to digital freedom. Sell with confidence. Purchase with confidence. For more information, click on link here

Decentralized Identity 101: What It Is and Why It Matters

Guest Author: Vinny Lingham, CEO, Civic Technologies
Bitcoin. Blockchain. Crypto. Decentralization. Tokens. A lot of buzzwords have emerged alongside the rise of blockchain technology. Yet, there is often a lack of context about what those terms actually mean and the impact they will have.
Decentralized identity re-envisions the way people share access, control, and share their personal information. It gives people power back over their identity. Decentralization will help all of us