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Software development: tips on technologies, dev shops, hiring methods

A complete guide to custom e-commerce website development

How to hire top e-commerce developers and build a successful online store in 2021? ⭐⭐⭐ Learn more about custom e-Commerce development!

A complete guide to custom healthcare software development

Why custom software development is better for healthcare industry? The hourly rates for software/application development in LATAM, Europe πŸ‘‡

A complete guide to custom telecom software development

To meet the challenges of the telecom industry, more companies decide to outsource telecom software development from offshore destinations.

Nearshore Software Development: Top Destinations and Key Risks

What is nearshore software development? ● Top nearshore destinations for the US/European projects ● Nearshore vs. Offshore

How to launch a technical hackathon: example of YouScan - SaaS company

Wonder how to put together a development hackathon to select the best tech talent for your company? YouScan share first-hand organizational tips.

Hiring a Node.js Developer: The Ultimate Guide

The most important info for hiring Node.js developers in one place: salary by country, places to find, questions to ask during the interview. Check it out πŸ‘‰

Fact Sheet to Learn Before Hiring a JavaScript Developer

Looking for a JS developer? We collected a list of places where you can find them and interview questions to hire one. βž• JS dev rates by country as a bonus!

A Fact Sheet to Learn Before Hiring an AngularJS Developer

We know that hiring is tough. That's why we compared dev rates based on geography, seniority, type, and place of hiring to make your decision easier.

What You Should Know Before Hiring a C++ Developer

Hiring good Cβž•βž• engineers can be a challenge. To make this task easier we collected the most important info about where to find and how much to pay them.

Top 5 Browsers for Developers in 2021

A web browser is the second most important tool after interactive development environment (IDE) for website developers. It’s simply indispensable for plenty of tasks, from searching the Web to debugging scripts. Unfortunately, not all browsers are equally useful. To make them more productive, web developers need a tool with analysis and debugging capabilities. In addition, websites are created for users who visit them via browsers. Consequently, using a browser is essential for any web developer.Β 

Front-End vs. Back-End Developer Salary Comparison

Front-end vs Back-end β†’ A complete guide to choosing a developer β†’ Salary comparison regarding developers' skills, experience and location

Software Developer vs. Engineer: What's the Difference?

Need to hire a tech specialist but not sure how correctly to name a job opening? Read in simple words about the difference between engineers and developers.

Top 10 Podcasts Every CTO Should Listen To

A source of inspiration and tech insights to drive the work of CTOs.

What is the Role of a Front-End Developer? Skills, Technologies, Salaries

Looking for a front-end developer for your project? πŸ‘‰ Learn more about the role, responsibilities, specifics and average salaries in 2021

Guide on Hiring a Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer

The open-source programming language Ruby is used by Ruby on Rails developers to create server-side web application logic. Model view controller (MVC) framework Rails is used to write the logic. Back-end components, linking the application to online services, and helping front-end developers are all tasks that RoR developers are responsible for.

Hiring an Offshore Development Team in 2021: A Complete Guide for Startup Founders

β–Ά Why β–Ά Where β–Ά How to hire a dedicated offshore software development team for your early-stage startup? Here is a complete guide!πŸ‘‡

Top 11 Scrum Tools for Agile Project Management in 2022

Which Scrum tool will fit your project best? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Learn everything about the best tools for agile project management: key features & prices

IT Hiring Trends in 2022: Your Guide to Hiring In-Demand Software Developers

How to find and recruit in-demand software developers with a huge tech talent pool shortage? πŸ€” Find out the best practices of 2022!

A Complete Guide to a Successful Mobile App Launch

Learn about the phases of a mobile app life cycle πŸ‘‰ Explore a step-by-step guide to make a successful mobile application πŸ“±

How to Build a Privacy-First Culture with Remote Teams

Find out the best practices to protect your data β†’ Read a step-by-step guide to creating a privacy-first culture in your team πŸ”’

5 Ways to Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Software

A list of legal steps to ensure the rights on your software are adequately protected πŸ‘‰ Read more about software intellectual property

Custom Real Estate Software: Do I Need It and Where to Start

In a world that is becoming competitive, it is paramount for real estate companies to move in tandem with the times in terms of real estate management software of risk sinking into the abyss of irrelevance. For any firm to derive the most out of software development for real estate, they must have a full understanding of what it is, how it is done, the costs, and the benefits that are associated with it.

Waterfall vs. Agile: Choose the Best Project Management Methodology for Your Needs

Read about principles and instructions of Agile and Waterfall approaches β†’β†’β†’ Choose the right project management methodology for your needs

Guide to Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document 2022

Trying to create a software product without the Software Requirements Specification document is like sailing the ocean without a map.

What is Software Development Life Cycle? Top 6 SDLC Models

Have you ever tried to create a software application only to end up stuck? If you did, then it’s high time you know about SDLC.Β