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Updated by cindy kwet on Oct 14, 2021
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Best Non Duality Teachings - Know the Guru IN YOU

I have prepared a list of some best non duality teachings I love. These are pathway to fulfilment, joy and love. Transformational!
Also shared some books that lead to YOU....
Step into a life changing experience....

The Guru is within you. Journey within
The Gurus outside of you are sign posts showing the way


Nisargadatta Maharaj


This is a video recording on Nisargadatta Maharaj entitled I AM ONLY THE SELF.

The late Maharaj s book was the first I read on non duality. It is entitled I AM THAT. Fascinating book...


You are Bliss - Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi Maharaj, an Indian sage from India. He teaches on Self Enquiry


Jean Klein

Jean Kline is a french who teaches Non Duality in French and English


Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe - Quenching the Thirst
He is an author of several books. Let this book lead you to blissfulness


You are love - J Krishnamurthi

His entire life was dedicated to teaching non duality to free human from suffering. He was based at Ohio California


Rupert Spira

I have just started listening to Rupert Spira since late 2020. Very easy listening and powerful explanations



You can listen to audios by Samaneri Jayasera on Vivekachudamani


Siddharameshwar Maharaj - BEYOND NOTHING - Nisargadatta's Guru - Advaita Vedanta

You can listen to recording by Samaneri Jayasera on the above sage


WHO ARE YOU - Vivekachudamani Part 1

Readings by Samaneri Jayasera


LOVE YOURSELF - Wu Hsin Part 1

Wu Hsin - reading by Samaneri Jayasera


KNOW YOURSELF - Ten Ox Herding Pictures (Picture One - Searching for the Ox) - Yamada Mumon - Zen Buddhism


Freedom Is More Than Just a 7 Letter Word


Fruits From a Poisonous Tree - Melvin Stamper

A book to be read by every being