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Updated by nadineatthescoop on Nov 01, 2021
Headline for Nadine's Epic CrowdPoint Journey
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Nadine's Epic CrowdPoint Journey

Dive with me into the opportunity of a lifetime ~ where you'll discover the sharing economy of CrowdPoint, the security fortress of Cyber Privacy and the Life enhancing Advance Medicine Exchange.


In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

This last year has been incredibly challenging for most of us.
Questioning who we are and what we are doing with our life.
I have asked myself and my higher power repeatedly what does my heart want... what sort of job can I create that fills my soul and gives back to others in a huge way...??

The Opportunity for me to become a MicroPreneur and turn the tables on big Corporations!

You may ask, what is a MicroPreneur?
MicroPreneurs build for others creating a sharing economy where EVERYONE wins. Power of the Collective.
As a MicroPreneur, I am a digital shephard. I provide quality products to help the Human Identity enter into the Blockchain. I help give the Power, Security and Opportunity Back to the People, creating a level playing field.

I have fallen in love with my profession! Why???
First and foremost, I am helping to Level the Playing Field in a Global Economy, revitalizing small businesses and invigorating entrepreneurs. I am disrupting Surveillance Capitalism! Joy!!
I make money reselling products I love while safeguarding the most precious asset in all of History: The Human Identity.

When my customers buy from me, I give them an added service; I onboard them onto the Blockchain. In this process, they can authorize their own digital Identity made by them FOR THEM. I am a Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World.

I am not alone. I am building a stable ecosystem with over 1000 of my newest friends and growing.

SO, if you are reading this blog, would you like to set yourself free?
If you can Think it, You can DO IT!
check out more HERE

Come join our Crowd :)


The Power of the BlockChain.

The Power of YOU.

This is Going to be the next BIGGEST THING.

Opportunity is Knocking.

Are you going to Answer the door????

Open this DOOR.

I Got Your Six HERE !


I was ALL IN when I heard I could sort of be a 007 Agent...
Saving the Human Identity from greedy Corporate Monsters by leveling the "playing field" between the 'Big Guys' and small Businesses, like mine.

CrowdPoint gives Power, Security & Opportunity back to the People.

     Join me  to become a TRUSTED AGENT IN AN UNTRUSTED WORLD!

Intention & Opportunity

If you can THINK it, You can DO IT!
Stay in the Realm of Possibility.
Be Open to Opportunity
The Power of the Crowd here Moves the Masses!