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Updated by Ella C on Sep 23, 2021
Headline for Ella's Quest to Building a Contagion of Love and Well-Being with CrowdPoint Technologies and Advanced Medicine Exchange
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Ella's Quest to Building a Contagion of Love and Well-Being with CrowdPoint Technologies and Advanced Medicine Exchange

Walk with me through this exciting list surrounding CrowdPoint Technologies and Advanced Medicine Exchange and you may find the missing LINK to inspire the change you needed in your life. Build yourself the world you want to live in! Grandiose? Well, only if we look at it from the perspective of changing the entire physical world with our bare hands. Yet, not impossible if we are to change our own world first. It may seem small, but is it not our perception of who we are and what we do that makes the world a whole? Taking action is what is to be missing most of the time. We seem to be hanging around waiting for a solution from an outside power. As I see it, action must be an essential part of building something good for us.


Remember the Tech Boom? Well, the Blockchain is the equalizer in this 4th industrial Revolution!

Today, Blockchain offers us a chance to reclaim the cries of liberty from every age and ensure that Governments must not only protect the conflicting interests of property owners but also must successfully regulate the conflicts between those with and without property.

CrowdPoint is my business opportunity to have the same efficiency as large corporations. An Exchange between Customer and Seller that doesn't represent Wall Street.


Data the New Oil

Data the New Oil

In this confusion. some notice turbulence and loss. Data, for instance, gets ‘lost’, collected, or stolen. Among all the problems the world faces right now, what has Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Uber, LinkedIn, and Duolingo done better than anyone, at least until now, is to capitalize on the public's personal data. The statement that Data is the New Oil is the basis of their power.

The New System pays the Human behind the Identity

No small antivirus is powerful enough to protect all the data we need to store from Cyber fraud which is now getting to the trillions. But CrowdPoint cyber protection combines AI technology & BlockChain technology, so my transactions and personal information are truly private, safe and secure. For me, this is an invaluable opportunity to make the change I feel the whole world needs right now.

What attracted me to Blockchain?

If the Human Identity is the new currency, then let’s pay the Human behind the identity - Sean Brehm CrowdPoint Technologies CEO

This ethos persuaded me to become a MicroPreneur within their Blockchain Ecosystem: levelling the plain field for all participants on a decentralized platform. Human Identity drives global commerce! Let’s empower the individual over the machine by using the machine to better our lives instead of replacing them.


What is the concept of MicroPreneur about?

What is the concept of MicroPreneur about?

A MicroPreneur builds for others while having the freedom/flexibility to work when and from where one chooses. What matters most is the bigger picture of gains: building and creating abundance for the wider community. We mostly take for granted our health, but as a MicroPreneur in Advanced Medicine Exchange, I can open the doors of opportunity for everyone to have access to the best ways of keeping their health optimal.


International Association for a Disease Free World

International Association for a Disease Free World

As an IADFW member, I can access the best health & wellness products and knowledge from a world-renowned doctor who continues to change the lives of so many for the better. On my marketplace, I resell only the best products that I trust and use myself, meticulously sourced from small business owners for the quality, purity & effectiveness of ingredients through AdvancedMedicineExchange. It's imperative to know that my customers feel safe when making purchases online.

Untrusted World and Surveillance Capitalism

It is time we claim back our most valuable asset: the Human Identity. Big Tech Companies have been stealing our digital Identity for decades and massively profited from it, but without ever giving back. That changes now with CrowdPoint and Blockchain.

Advanced Medicine Exchange

In life, what we mostly take for granted is our health. As a MicroPreneur in Advanced Medicine Exchange, it isn’t just about my health or that of my family, but about opening the doors of opportunity for everyone to access the best ways of keeping their health optimal. And, although genetics may play a role in making changes to our health, it is epigenetics (above genes) that is more significant.

The Powerhouse Combo in a World of Uncertainty and Confusion

A world of uncertainty and confusion
Does this sound familiar to you? It only takes a minute of your time to notice that things are not as they once were. And even with our innate skill to adapt, one thing most of us are missing out on doing at the moment is: build. Build momentum, a new life for yourself, a prospect, build yourself the world in which you want to live.

Build a contagion of love and wellbeing

When we are healthy, the people around us become open to equal knowledge, and they begin to build their health to prosperity. But if you don’t believe me, spend a few hours with a child whose smile and laughter are a contagion of wellbeing, while the number of questions they ask will teach you who you are. If you also wish to build a contagion of love and wellbeing, click here.

Build – Shop – Join

If you too can see the potential in this opportunity and wish to make a difference in the world, build a safe and secure community for all, follow your heart, and join our team as a Distributor, Reseller, or Technician.


My Path to Advanced Medicine Exchange

My Path to Advanced Medicine Exchange

Working in Dentistry I witnessed how people were marginalized for lacking the information & resources to look after their health. My care for my patients’ needs pushed me to explore other methods to provide sustainable wellness to others. In my search for change, for true living under the protection of personal freedoms, I encountered the opportunity to join the AdvancedMedicineExchange marketplace through CrowdPoint Technologies.

Advanced Medicine Exchange is Not another platform to further enrich Big P...

Advanced Medicine Exchange is the only DECENTRALIZED marketplace where Health and Wellbeing is a celebration of life as a precious gift through the fusion of scientifically researched nature’s best and advanced medical technologies. It empowers me with the tools to achieve, restore and maintain optimal health while building a contagion of love, health, and wellbeing for everyone without the fear of disease or hospitalization.