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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 16, 2021
Headline for 6 Top Vietnam Packing List Items for 2021 – The Essentials for a Hassle-free Trip
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6 Top Vietnam Packing List Items for 2021 – The Essentials for a Hassle-free Trip

If you plan to visit the charming nation of Vietnam, there will be several key things that you should take care to pack such as suitable clothing, accessories, footwear, a power adaptor and so on. Read on for more insights.


Suitable clothing

Light layered clothing will be optimal for those visiting Vietnam; these should also be made of fabrics that will dry quickly. You could put on fewer layers during the rainy season as temperatures will also be warmer during this period. Moisture-wicking clothing, as well as quick drying pants and clothes that will shield you from the rays of the sun, should be on your packing list. Since rain can sometimes arrive even during the dry season in Vietnam, you should not forget to pack a useful rain jacket. If you take proper rain gear, you will not have to worry even in the local rainy season.


Other attire and accessories

Since the local culture is conservative, it will be important to dress accordingly when in Vietnam, particularly when visiting religious or sacred places. In this regard, a sarong would come in handy to cover yourself up and you could also use it on the beach, like a curtain or blanket. Don't forget to pack a sunhat, a pair of sunglasses and effective sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun's rays. Also take a good umbrella, especially for the rainy season.



Don't forget to pack a sturdy pair of walking or hiking shoes, which should also be waterproof, particularly for wet season travel. On the other hand, another option would be a pair of tough sandals that are comfortable, durable and will dry rapidly. With the proper footwear, you can confidently visit the local attractions or enjoy outdoor adventures; when seeking the best hotels in Vietnam at which to base yourself for such activities, consider the well-placed properties of brands like Avani Hotels & Resorts.


Power adaptor, charger and water bottle

A universal power adaptor would be indispensable in Vietnam as there will be different kinds of power outlets. An adapter with fuse protection will also safeguard your devices from power surges. Another useful item would be a portable charger, preferably lipstick-sized or relatively small, to keep your smartphone powered up. Also, pack a filter-equipped water bottle to make sure that you have drinking water available on your travels.


A neck wallet, activated charcoal and packing cubes

A neck wallet will come in handy to carry your vital documents along with you, as well as necessary cash, ATM cards and so on. This would be much safer than carrying these valuables in your pocket or bag. Activated charcoal would be useful for treating any cases of travellers' diarrhoea and upset stomachs. Meanwhile, packing cubes will enable you to organise your suitcase effectively and help in transferring items to your daypack.


Quick-dry towel, waterproof phone case and daypack

A quick-drying towel will keep you dry following water activities or beach visits and can also be used at your accommodation. Meanwhile, a waterproof phone case will protect your important smartphone from dust, dirt, water, scratches and shocks. You will also need a good daypack to carry the necessary items with you each day. In this regard, a backpack will probably be the optimal choice.