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10 Best Things To Do In Unawatuna, Sri Lanka - Make the best of your time in Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a popular beach destination in Sri Lanka and this is evidently because of the lovely beach but there are so many other things that you can do and explore while in Unawatuna.


The Famous Rope Swing

The rope swing is not for everyone but it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to sway over the stunning beach reaching out to the stunning horizon. There are two rope swings in Unawatuna, one in Dalawella beach and the other in Mihiripenna beach.


Eat Brunch By The Beach

There are several shops by the beach that serve some of the best Sri Lankan food you will come across in Unawatuna. You can enjoy milk rice with spicy chicken curry or savour some hoppers and string hoppers with potato curry and lunu miris with the view of the beach in front of you.


Swim at Unawatuna

The Unawatuna beach is crowded but is also clean and shallow enough during the season so you can swim and play in the waters to your heart's content. Unlike most other beaches around the island, Unawatuna beach is filled with activity even during the non-peak season which makes it an attractive holiday location.


Relax at Jungle Beach

Jungle beach, unlike Unawatuna beach, is not as populated so if you wish to read a book or get a suntan this is the place to head to. You can either take your own food or enjoy some local delights from the many shops in the area.


Visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda

One of the most significant locations in Unawatuna is the Japanese Peace Pagoda and you must make time to visit this beautiful structure surrounded by peace and serenity of religion and nature.


Enjoy the nightlife

Sri Lanka is not a wild party destination but if you wish to enjoy the nightlife on the beach, Unawatuna is the place to go to. Choose a convenient property such as Araliya Beach Resort & Spa to stay at while here so you can visit the parties and events and return to the hotel as the city is not large and travelling around is easy.


Learn Surfing

If you have never tried surfing, Unawatuna is the best place to try it out for the first time. Most Unawatuna hotels have a beachfront and have a surfing instructor that will be happy to help you make the best of your first surfing experience.


Visit a turtle sanctuary

Since the beach is around the island there are pregnant turtles that come ashore to lay eggs during the breeding season and there are poachers who are on the lookout. Sanctuaries that are set around these locations guard these eggs against poachers and guide the newly hatched baby turtles to the ocean in time.


Explore Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is one of the must-visit locations in Sri Lanka and if you are in Unawatuna you are close by to the Galle City. You can explore the little shops, restaurants, and massive buildings once you have explored the breathtaking view from atop the fort.


Enjoy the fresh fruits

Sri Lanka is blessed with so many different tropical fruits and you will be able to indulge in some lovely mangoes, pineapple, and guava when in Unawatuna. If you are not a fan of eating the fruit many roadside shops make fresh fruit juice so you can sip on it as you enjoy the beach.