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Updated by Bruce Jeddeloh on Feb 16, 2022
Headline for Bruce's Awesome Journey To Find Salvation With Advanced Medicine In The Crowdpoint Blockchain Ecosystem
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Bruce's Awesome Journey To Find Salvation With Advanced Medicine In The Crowdpoint Blockchain Ecosystem

This is a list of my events surrounding Crowdpoint Cyber Privacy Exchange and the Advanced Medicine Exchange.


Advanced Medicine Exchange on the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem

The Most Valuable Asset in The World : Your Human Identity

I have always been troubled by how the human identity gets enslaved through data capture of the big centralized monopolies. Anyone that has ever purchased online is subject to the theft of their information without any recourse to their human identity, their most precious asset. I am grateful to Crowdpoint Technologies for their blockchain ecosystem that gives anyone a decentralized ID on the Advanced Medicine Exchange.

Advanced Medicine Protocols Save Lives While Also Uplifting Humanity and Mother Earth

Life supporting, pure products have always been a focus with my health journey. When I discovered the Advanced Medicine Exchange, I was blown away. I asked, could there really be a place that actually protects my buying habits, my human identity & my health at the same time? Outstanding products vetted for quality are a rare commodity in todays processed world. Enter the Advanced Medicine Exchange & find salvation.

An Opportunity Without Passion Will Not Last

I have been passionate about alternative health products and services that actually aim to perpetuate health rather than just treat the body as a machine through symptomatic drug methodology. Along my journey, I have sought life-supporting health protocols for the past 30 plus years. Being in my 70’s now, I have benefited greatly. In fact, I feel better now than when I was in my 40’s and 50’s, thanks to the Advanced Medicine Exchange.

COVID19 Pales In Comparison To The Digital Onslaught

Along my journey, I have had to deal with viruses, not only human, but digital as well. Wow, what a revelation I discovered with CrowdPoint Technologies. Cyber privacy is not a new phenomenon, but there has been little to help with it. And all the Anti-virus software offers nothing but a, quarantine or deletion, with another just around the corner and still no regard for privacy. When I buy on line, I know that my human identity is protected - thanks to Crowdpoint Technologies.

Nobody Wants To Be Hacked With Identity Fraud - The Game Has Now Changed

On my journey, I have had to deal with cyber security and cyber privacy with different clients in many e-commerce platforms. Engaging SSL security certificates for websites is one development that has helped to prevent hackers from stealing human identities. When I discovered Crowdpoint Technologies blockchain ecosystem in the Advanced Medicine Exchange I was amazed that my human identity was actually on-boarded with a decentralized id enabling both cyber security and my cyber privacy!

Advanced Medicine Exchange on the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem

My ideal business goal has always been to take care of people and distribute myself in an emerging global shift toward equality and fairness. I think Micropreneurs build for others. This is precisely what the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem and the Advanced Medicine Exchange are providing.

A Journey of 1,000 Miles Starts With The First Step

My journey started some time ago. I’ve spent a career in graphics, web development, & e-commerce, but recently became a distributor in the Advanced Medicine Exchange powered by Crowdpoint Technologies blockchain ecosystem. It has been life transforming to see how I can help people on so much by protecting their human identity in the blockchain and helping them find truly life-supporting products and in the Advanced Medicine Exchange.

Save The Human Identity. Save Yourself. Save Humanity. The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here.

Become a Micropreneur and Help Save The Human Identity With The Power of The Crowd

CrowdPoint saves in every sector:

Capital Goods
Commercial & Pro Services
Consumer Durables, Apparel
Consumer Services
Food & Staples
Beverage & Tobacco
Household & Personal
Health Care Equipment, Services
Pharmaceuticals, Biotech & Life Sciences
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Media, Entertainment
Real Estate

The 4th Industrial Revolution Is Here!

The 4th Industrial Revolution Is Here!

CrowdPoint Technologies is spearheading the power of the crowd to save the human identity. Join as a fellow Micorpreneur and become a Macro Humanitarian.