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Updated by Jana R. Anderson on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for My Super-exciting Journey with CRWDWORLD on the Blockchain Ecosystem
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My Super-exciting Journey with CRWDWORLD on the Blockchain Ecosystem

This is a list of my events surrounding CRWDWORLD's Cyber Privacy Exchange (CPEX) , Advanced Medicine Exchange(AMEX), Interactive Media Exchange (IMEX) with all the stepping stones behind me and wonders still ahead of me. Here is my journey as a Micropreneur in the BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM.


Advanced Medicine Marketplace - supports your body in healing

Advanced Medicine Marketplace - where science, health and wellness come together. Products good for your health and for your soul. They all have been vetted for uniqueness, quality and effectiveness. I use them myself, and I hope you will too. Added bonus: Each person begins to build value with the first purchase. Your privacy and identity remain protected.

Curious? Excited?
Take a look for yourself: HERE

Cyber Privacy Exchange is a MUST!

Cyber Privacy Exchange: Your privacy and identity is protected. Not just an antivirus software for when the malware hits your computer or a phone, but your device gets a virus IMMUNITY to ever catching anything! Added BONUS: it even makes your device more efficient and work faster. Imagine, you may not even have to buy the new computer you thought you might have to.

Check it out: HERE


Has your data ever been stolen? Do you know big companies sell your data to the highest bidder? No more!!! In 2021 CrowdPoint has put blockchain, big data analytics, compaction and VRAI technology together into a cyber crime free ecosystem. If you join, you even get rewarded! A trusted agent in an untrusted world!

Check it out: HERE

CrowdPoint coming to your city!

Want to check out CrowdPoint Technologies in action, hands on? They maybe coming to your city.
Have been to Boston, already. Next...? A trusted agent in an untrusted world.

Find out: HERE

Advanced Medicine Marketplace Mission

Mission: combine medical advances and scientific research with effective treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing in order to:
1) protect the physical autonomy
2) defend the spiritual sovereignty and
3) empower the individual mind with information and knowledge to prevent mankind from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!
If you want to be a part of the mission: Enroll HERE

Why did I join CRWDWorld?

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot listening to CrowdPoint Technologies, which runs CRWDWorld, presentation. The best part: their commitment to creating a BETTER WORLD, protecting small businesses, creating well-paying jobs for regular people, and defending the human right to privacy. I knew right away that I wanted to associate with that mindset and become a Distributor on CRWDWorld.

Would you like to be a part of building a better future? Take a look: here

This is Blockchain Big!

CRWDWorld's culture: help customers and colleagues to succeed. That way, we will all succeed. It is as much about the journey as about the destination. This is Blockchain BIG!

Join us and see for yourself:

E-Sports, Gaming Exchange is coming! Oh my!

Are you a gamer? Do you like e-sports? This should be fun for you! With CRWDWorld you are increasing your value on the blockchain with each game! WHAT?

Check it out: HERE


Created by the most censored doctor. When you sign up you will receive 3 amazing gifts to restore your health.

Check it out: (Use the code 97985).




Get a taste of iMedia for FREE! Uncensored information from Dr. Buttar and other doctors at the Advanced Medicine Conference!


Dr. Rashid A Buttar has been an outspoken advocate for Medical Truths, earning him the title of "the World’s Most Censored Physician”! Now, you can join Dr. Buttar on iMedia and learn the truth that has been hidden from you.


Dr. Christiane Northrup - a women's HERO! A celebrated physician till she started promoting natural and holistic approach to women's health. Now, she is being CENSORED. You can listen to this beautiful person and a mighty warrior for women everywhere for FREE.


Dr. Robert Scott Bell - beloved for his naturopathic knowledge and self-deprecating humor. You can listen to his presentation for FREE or purchase the 3 day Advanced Medicine Conference that he moderated.


Dr. Sayer Ji - author of the "go to" natural approach medical info called "Green med info" Brilliant, dedicated. Listen to his speech at the Advanced Medicine Conference for FREE here.


Dr. Lee Merritt - an ABSOLUTE POWERHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE! To hear her UNBELIEVABLE presentation you WILL NOT HEAR ANYWERE ELSE, purchase the replay of Advanced Medicine Conference, or listen 5 hours of the conference for FREE here.

Blockchain Talk Session 10

Session 10: BUYING POWER ON THE BLOCKCHAIN with Sean OBrien-Brehm.
A great discussion about the buying power we are about to have on the Blockchain. The more of us join, the greater buying power. Great for buyers and sellers. Become either one, HERE.

Blockchain Talk Session 11

Session 11: HOW TO USE TOKENS AND COINS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN with Pete De La Torre and Sean OBrien-Brehm.
Explaining how much SAFER a decentralized blockchain ecosystem is compared to the current centralized system. Learn more: HERE

The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism. More and more, big corporations are taking control of cultures and individuals through money, policies, practices, and surveillance capitalism to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private lives.

Beyond the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time variables today, a new kind of oppression has emerged.

Big Technology Companies freely exchange the Human Identity are using surveillance capitalism to create a human identity slave trade.

Suppose the current digital revolution is characterized as a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines. In that case, it should also be transformative in how the Human Identity is emancipated from the current identity slave trade is happening today.

CrowdPoint's charter is to empower the microprenuer who own Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.

The good news is that four unique technologies will lead to the fourth industrial revolution when in the right hands.

Combining these four technologies makes up the necessary technological ingredients to create digital platforms operating in an emerging technological ecosystem.

Today, the convergence of several technology megatrends is working together in a rare and unique singularity.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Compaction technologies combined with a distributed ledger will assist business decision-makers in contributing to the emerging sharing economy.

When integrated correctly, these technologies will usher in radically new business models.

If you want to learn more . . . .contact us HERE.

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

What is a blockchain and how do they work? I'll explain why blockchains are so special in simple and plain English!💰 Get $10 of free Bitcoin:Use my Coinbase...
Check out the most energy efficient and fastest blockchain on the planet to see if you would like to join.

Blockchain Ecosystem is almost ready! Make sure you subscribe for updates because we will be up and running soon!

OUR MISSION Our mission is to unite AI, Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to DEMOCRATIZE Big Data in order to DEFEND and DELIVER dividends to YOU, for your HUMAN IDENTITY
Join the MISSION!

CrowdPoint Blockchain: Introduction

BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM = e-commerce platform on the cutting edge of technology. We are experts at big data analytics, AI, compaction technology and blockchain.
I am excited to share with you all that this platform has to offer and how you can participate in the next generation of e-commerce.

Crawl - Walk - Run Strategy Joining the Blockchain Ecosystem

What if you could invest your time in technology that is going to dwarf what happened in the 1990s with the internet? We offer a practical Crawl - Walk - Run Strategy for merging e-commerce with the same technology that powers global cryptocurrency - The Blockchain.

Unlike the internet, the blockchain creates a network design to protect data more efficiently while creating more fairness and transparency.
What if you could make more money selling on the blockchain, and even get paid for buying on the blockchain.
We will connect you with thousands of product owners eager to work with you!
Learn how to join our Blockchain marketplaces on our BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM in the link here.

Join the Blockchain Ecosystem

On the Blockchain Ecosystem, our entrepreneurs leverage the power of Wall Street technologies to reach customers on Main Street. The magic is in using our big data approach to identify the perfect ICP (ideal customer profile) and direct traffic directly to your product offering on the blockchain.
What if you could make more money selling on the blockchain and even get paid for buying on the blockchain.
Learn how to join our BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM in the link below:

Join The Blockchain Ecosystem

Unlike the internet, the blockchain creates a network design to protect data more efficiently while creating more fairness and transparency. Not only that you can make more money selling on the blockchain, but you get paid even when buying on the blockchain.
Learn how to join our BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM in the link below:

REAL ESTATE in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Check out: Real Estate Exchange (REX)
The Global Industry Classification Standard used by Morgan Stanley defines the information sector and industry that includes companies engaged in real estate development and operation. It also includes companies offering** real estate related services and Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)**. Using CrowdPoint’s next generation Blockchain, all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed and immutable transactions associated with electric, gas, multi and water utilities. Additionally it includes equity real estate investment trusts (REITS) and real estate management and development companies.
Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite real estate investment trusts (REITS) and real estate management and development companies on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Information Technology Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.