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Updated by Kaity James on Jan 29, 2022
Headline for My Empowering Journey into CrowdPoint
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My Empowering Journey into CrowdPoint

Below you will find my list of events surrounding the CrowdPoint Technologies Blockchain Ecosystem. Information also provided on the incredible Cyber Privacy and Advanced Medicine Exchanges.
I'm an average woman ready to make my mark on this ever changing world! My first step, helping to start the process of taking back and protecting our online identities!


The future of Identity Privacy is here!

Are you ready to take back your identity, learn steps to protect it and help others do the same?! If so, follow along on my journey, or better yet join me HERE!

What is CrowdPoint Technologies?

Watch this video for a clear description on what this brilliant company is all about. If it gets you excited, click HERE for more FAQ's on how CrowdPoint can help you!


It's time to get passionate about your health, you deserve it!

It's time to get passionate about your health, you deserve it!

It's time to get passionate about your health, you deserve it!
The Advanced Medicine Exchange is here to:
~Protect the Physical Autonomy
~Defend spiritual sovereignty
~Empower individual minds with information & knowledge
~Prevent mankind from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!

My goal, in the next few parts listed, is to provide easy to understand verbiage on what it is myself and the rest of my team is trying to accomplish.
To put it simply, if any of the following tasks peek your interest, I encourage you to continue to part 2,3 &4.
~Protecting yours and your loved ones online identities.
~Finding & Purchasing quality products on a secure platform.
~Creating your own digital identity and helping others do the same.
~Creating financial freedom for yourself and your family.


Stay-at-home mom, taking back her IDENTITY! Part 2.

The experience of online shopping has changed drastically over the years. First, it was a cool trend, then it turned into a convenient way to receive products quickly. Now I don’t know about you, but for me, being a stay-at-home mom, online shopping has become a necessity. Do you know what else I feel is necessary? My privacy. Most days I feel that online retailers know what I’m looking to purchase before I even know what I’m looking to purchase! Kinda scary right?


Stay-at-home mom, taking back her IDENTITY! Part 3.

Ever searched the web for a product you were interested in and then got bombarded with ads? If so, you may have experienced privacy theft and didn't even know it! Capital surveillance is a very invasive way big data companies use and sell your personal, private information. Meaning that unfortunately the virtual you is not owned by you. What if I could help protect you, and other families just like ours across the world?!


CrowdPoint's Cyber Privacy Exchange [CPeX]

CrowdPoint's Cyber Privacy Exchange [CPeX]

The worlds FIRST Cyber Privacy provider, how exciting!

We provide on-demand technical support and world-class solutions to protect the privacy and security of you, your loved ones and your business.

Join Us!

What is BlockChain Technology?

The Blockchain Ecosystem is an environment for entrepreneurs. Showing prosperity and economic stability for all, not just for a few. All while on a SECURE and level playing field.

Watch this video to see Sean O'Brien (Founder & Chairman of CrowdPoint Technologies) explain how the Blockchain Ecosystem works and what it can do for you and your family!


Stay-at-home mom, taking back her IDENTITY! Part 4.

Through CrowdPoint Technologies, I am providing quality products at competitive prices! Want to know the best part? It’s all under a safe, private blockchain ecosystem, making every transaction secure from start to finish. The human identity is our most precious asset, it needs to become, and remain protected. As a micropreneur, I want to thank you for allowing me to be your trusted agent in an untrusted world.

Stop the hackers!

Your data should remain protected, and thats where CrowdPoint steps in. Within the Cyber Privacy Exchange, they have built a product called VRAI: Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence. VRAI uses bots to proactively remove anything harmful that could be slowing down our devices, and more importantly ensures no one is gaining access to your device, besides YOU!

Who’s in control when it comes to YOU⁉️

If technology and innovation verbiage isn’t your strong suit (definitely not mine!🥴) but you’re interested, listen to this video! Easy to understand and EXCITING to say the least! 👏🏻

What is the Blockchain? Session 2

Offering performance, protection and privacy, the blockchain is the future!🤘🏻 Taking out the middle man and allowing transactions to be made through a secure platform👏🏻 Learn more from session 2 on the Pete De La Torre show!


Products & Agents you can trust on a safe and secure platform.

Products & Agents you can trust on a safe and secure platform.

The Advanced Medicine Exchange offers products made with the finest organic ingredients, free of artificial colors and harmful chemicals. Their products have been evaluated and vetted before putting on the market. Protect your health and start feeling better! Start regaining your identity and better your health with us. We are a company dedicated to protecting your identity and keeping you healthy.
Join us by clicking here.


Consumer Staples Marketplace is here👏🏻👏🏻

Consumer Staples Marketplace is here👏🏻👏🏻