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CrowdPoint is revolutionizing the way that business is done

A chronological list of events surrounding CrowdPoint and the Cybersecurity and Advanced Medicine exchanges. Here you will learn about:

  • What blockchain technology is and why it is useful
  • Who is CrowdPoint Technologies and what is their mission?
  • Why I joined CrowdPoint as a reseller

Why I joined CrowdPoint

Why I joined CrowdPoint

By joining CrowdPoint as a reseller on their Advanced Medicine Exchange, I receive training and an online store to sell great health products and make a living. They are also leveraging the power of all their accumulated data with A.I. analytics to send a continuous stream of interested customers to my store so I don’t need to spend huge sums of money on advertising. Can you see why I am so excited yet?


CrowdPoint Technologies - the new blockchain exchange

CrowdPoint Technologies - the new blockchain exchange

CrowdPoint is the revolutionary new tech company enabling everyone to take back control of their identity and protect themselves from Big Tech surveillance capitalism.

Advanced Medicine Exchange | Coming Soon

The Advanced Medicine Exchange mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing in order to:
1) Protect the physical autonomy.
2) Defend the spiritual sovereignty.
3) Empower the individual mind with information and knowledge to prevent humanity from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!

Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED

Blockchain, the key technology behind Bitcoin, is a new network that helps decentralize trade, and allows for more peer-to-peer transactions. WIRED challenge...

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology. A discussion from the CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, Sean Brehm, on how blockchain technology can help entrepreneurs and small businesses.


What is surveillance capitalism?

What is surveillance capitalism?

The current business model used by Big Tech companies is to collect all your personal information, track all your online browsing/purchases and then exploit this information for their own profit. This is known as surveillance capitalism. CrowdPoint’s ethical business model allows everyone to decide how and when their data is used. If your shared data has value and generates revenue, CrowdPoint will profit-share with you – everyone wins!

Decentralization & Tech CHANGING THE WORLD!! 🔮

The problem of centralization. How centralized is the internet?

Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean. How decentralized blockchain technology increases security.

NFT's Explained in 4 minutes!

What are NFT's? NFT's are an innovation in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space that allows you to track who owns a particular item.

Blockchain Talk Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and CrowdPoint Distributors. #Enpowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingField
What CrowdPoint means to the global distributors that have joined.

Blockchain Talk Session 4

"Decentralized Identifiers", your opportunity to protect and maximize YOUR identity! Our special guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm, Founder of CrowdPoint Technologies. A discussion about the value of the human identity.

Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1

Join us this evening at 7pm EST for Part 1 of Session 5 featuring 6 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. Why people are joining CrowdPoint, part 1 of 2.

BlockChain Talk Session 5 Part 2

Join us this evening at 7pm EST for Part 2 of Session 5 featuring 4 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. Why people are joining CrowdPoint, part 2 of 2.

Blockchain Talk Session 6

Session 6 “ How Decentralized Identifiers are impacting the media industry” with my Co-host Sean O’Brien-Brehm and special guest, Aby Alexander, Author of “Blockchain Simplified” disruptive technology that will change your business.

iMedia Exchange

Join Dr. Buttar on iMedia, the most “censorship free” platform on the planet and learn the truth that has been hidden from you.