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My journey at CrowdPoint Technologies

This is a list of my events that surround CrowdPoint Technologies, Cyber privacy Exchange and Advanced Medicine Exchange. It contains answers to your questions, why I joined CrowdPoint Technologies and more. I will be updating the list frequently!

Why did I join CrowdPoint Technologies? Here is why.

First of all, I’d like to welcome you guys on an exciting journey with CrowdPoint technologies!

So why did I join CrowdPoint technologies?
Short answer, because I believe in their cause.
Now let’s go deeper than that.

I work as a Security Officer in Helsinki Metro, in aid for Finnish Police and Border control. My duty is to protect and serve the public.

As a security officer, peoples safety is our number one priority.

We put our lives on the side, to protect others and to enforce the criminal law of Finland.

It has taken a huge toll on my mental health. Salary being the bare minimum and getting little to no recognition over the years.

Then came CrowdPoint, which gave me hope for a better future. I could still protect peoples safety and privacy, online.
CrowdPoint technologies promises, that it gives the power back to the people.

Join us!

Quoting the Founder and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, Sean Brehm:
“Leaders eat last”

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CrowdPoint Technologies

A Blockchain Ecosystem Company powered by the power of the Human Identity. We leverage the intersection of Big Data Analytics, AI, Compaction and the Blockchain to deliver performance, protection and privacy. Our business model is leveraging the power of Crowd to lead others in the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution: Improved value for all instead of the few.


Advanced Medicine Exchange

Advanced Medicine Exchange

The future is here.

CrowdPoint Exchange

What does the CrowdPoint Exchange do?

We run a public private hybrid Blockchain Ecosystem for small and medium businesses. We empower micro entrepreneurs with continuous ideal customer profiles within vertically aligned exchanges that act as next generation eCommerce online Marketplaces that are integrated with onsite proximity based marketing that drives revenue to Main Street.

How does that work?

We align a simple well designed storefront for a fraction of the cost of current providers, deliver continuous impressions on micro online stores that convert because of the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of the ideal customers that visit the page of a micro entreprenuer. Imagine a lemonade stand where 1 Million thirsty customers walk by with cash in hand and a habit for drinking the kind of lemonade you provide.

How do i join?

You join by determining what level of involvement you want to have in the Exchange. We provide you with 6 Options: Ambassador, Associate, Distributor, Reseller or Member. Each Exchange may have a familiar description of those roles for the industry they support.

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Blockchain explained (simply)

Blockchain explained (simply)

The Basics of Blockchain
Blockchain is a decentralized public network that allows people and companies to store and securely transfer information and currency instantly. The term blockchain also refers to how the data is stored in ”blocks” of information and then linked together in a permanent “chain.” When a new block is added to the chain, it makes the previous blocks even harder to modify, which helps each block become more and more secure over time. There are several facets that make blockchain technology unique and valuable for many different types of business applications.

Blockchain Is Accurate
Blockchain is highly accurate. Every action in a blockchain is recorded and there is nothing left out. Once the action is recorded and stored in an information “block,” each block has a timestamp and is secured. The entire record is available to anyone in the decentralized system.

Blockchain Is Decentralized
Blockchain is decentralized and not stored on a single master computer or controlled by one company, bank, or organization. Rather, it is distributed over many computers that are in the network. Think of the way Google Docs work and how you can share a single document with multiple users and all users can view the changes simultaneously. This is very similar to how the decentralization of blockchain works.

Blockchain Is Permanent and Secure
As each block is completed, it joins the other blocks on the chain creating a permanent record of every transaction that is available to all the users of the blockchain in real time. This combination of features creates a high degree of security and makes the blockchain very difficult to change.

What Makes Up a Blockchain?
There are three basic parts to every blockchain.

The record: This can be any type of information.
The block: A bundle of different records.
The chain: This contains all the blocks linked together.

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