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Programming languages to learn

Cartooning an Image using OpenCV & Python - Project Gurukul

Create Image Cartoon using Python and OpenCV. In this image cartoon project, we used image thresholding, edge finding, color quantization techniques

Sentiment Analysis using Python [with source code] - TechVidvan

Sentiment analysis project in python. Develop machine learning model with LSTM, Pandas and TensorFlow to classify customers' sentiment as positive or negative

Face Recognition with Python [source code included] - DataFlair

Face Recognition in python. Create a machine learning project to detect and recognition face using opencv, numpy and dlib.

Detect Objects of Similar Color using OpenCV in Python - TechVidvan

Create OpenCV project to detect objects of similar color in an image color detection and segmentation techniques

C++ Classes and Objects - TechVidvan

A class is a user-defined data type that contains its data members and member functions. Learn more about classes and objects in C++.

Create a Music Player using Java [Source Code Included] - DataFlair

Create mp3 music player in Java. This desktop java project is developed with Jlayer (for music), AWT and Swing (for gui)

Learn the Steps to Create Your First Django Project - TechVidvan

If you are a beginner and just started learning Django, this is the first Django Project explained in steps by steps manner for easy learning.

Django Project Structure and File Structure - TechVidvan

Django uses directory structure to arrange the different parts of web application. Learn about the Django project structure & file structure.

All You Need to Know About Django MVT Architecture - TechVidvan

Django MVT - The MVT is a software design pattern. It is a collection of three important components Model View and Template. Learn more.

Insertion Sort in Data Structure - DataFlair

In this article, we will see the Working, Applications, Time complexity and Implementation of insertion sort with Pseudocode & algorithm.

Data Structure and Algorithm - TechVidvan

This is an introductory article on algorithms in data structure. In this article, we are going to get a brief overview of algorithms, the role of algorithms in computing and the overview of majorly used algorithms in computer science.
So, let us begin by defining the term ‘Algorithm’.

Data Structures Asymptotic Analysis - TechVidvan

Asymptotic analysis is a general method to compare or to find the efficiency of any algorithm. Learn about different asymptotic notations.

Selection Sort in Data Structure - DataFlair

Learn Selection sort which is a simple sorting method. Here the control searches for the smallest element and puts it in the first index.

Macros in Excel - DataFlair

Macros is one of the programming codes that runs in an excel environment and it is widely helpful when the tasks are repetitive.

ISNA in Excel - DataFlair

ISNA function is also known as information function. It is a built-in excel function, which returns true when #N/A error in the cell is shown.

MITM (Man in the Middle) Attack | Types and Prevention - DataFlair

Man-in-the-middle attack works by interrupting the communication process. It is a process by which MITM attacks work in cyberspace. Learn more

Cyber Security Policies - DataFlair

Cybersecurity policies are a set of rules of how companies should practice responsible security i.e. responsibilities inside the company.

Operating System Properties - DataFlair

Study the different properties of Operating System because of which the system is able to perform all the functionalities that it does.

VBA String Functions | Operators for Manipulating Strings - DataFlair

Learn about the various VBA String Functions. This covers VBA String Operators that are used for manipulating the Strings in Excel.

Doubly Linked List in Data Structure - TechVidvan

Learn about Doubly Linked List (contains two pointers), Basic operations, Time complexity, its Memory Representation, advantages, limitations

Driver Drowsiness Detection with OpenCV & Dlib - TechVidvan

Create Driver drowsiness detection system with Python, OpenCV, Dlib. With Eyeblink measurement check driver's eye and mouth and notify drowsiness

Python Modules - Types and Examples - Python Geeks

Learn what is module in Python, types of Python Modules - Built-in &User defined, Examples of various Modules in Python, packages in Python.

Operating System Services - DataFlair

Learn about the Operating System Services like Program execution, Input and output Operations, File System Manipulation, Communication, etc.

Linked List in Data Structure - TechVidvan

Learn about Linked List ( commonly used linear data structure that consists of group of nodes in a sequence) & its basic operations.

Arithmetic Operators - Visual Basic - DataFlair

VBA Arithmetic Operators perform operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. Learn more about these operators.