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Headline for My Incredible CrowdPoint Journey
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My Incredible CrowdPoint Journey

This is a list of my eye-catching events surrounding Crowd Point, Cyber Privacy Exchange, Advance Medicine Exchange, Blockchain Ecosystem and Trusted Technician
I am a UK Micropreneur, a distributor and reseller at crowd point. Being part of a life changing movement has brought such an incredible blessings to me. Follow my journey to learn more, I am so thrilled to share with you.


Unlimited Possibilities with CrowdPoint Technologies

I am a MicroPreneur !

What is a MicroPreneur? Well, traditional entrepreneurs are comimitted to the quest for growth. MicroPreneurs know they can be happy even if their companies never appear on a list of top-ranked businesses but are helping others. After all, if you don't start giving now, you probably won't give then. Take care of people, distribute yourself in an emerging global shift. MicroPreneur help build others. I have the joy of knowing that I can help others in diverse ways. As a MicroPreneur, I can fulfil my dream of reaching out to Humanity for a good cause, through my charity organizations because my business enables me to do so.

What is my business ? I'm lucky; it is my passion. If you had to summarize what I do, I am a digital shepherd. I provide quality products to help the Human Identity enter into Blockchain. It's a great profession; I make money distributing and reselling something I love while safeguarding the most precious assets in all of History; The Human Identity.

Our human identity is unique to us. Your identification is created by central authority so that other people can use it. You should care about decentralization because is so powerful that, we can manage our credentials and authorize your identity for you by you.

Our identity is managed by others that house our on line account. Whenever you sign up to anything, you authomatically signed up to be engaged in identity slavery, unwillingly. But when you get to decentralization, identity is created for you by you, so that you can take control of your entire online existence by having privacy, security, protection and you will literally become self sovereign.

You are the most powerful element in the world wide economy today. Do you know that it is your digital identity that is powering the whole internet. The historic value of you is greater than anything that has been created on planet. You are not tradable however, you are being traded around the planet for trillions of dollars. Claim your decentralized identification and start taking control byJoining the Blockchain.

When my customers buy from me, I give them an added service, I onboard them onto Blockchain. In this process, they can authorize their own digital Identity made by them for them this way, my customer and I both win.

I get to help others learn about Advance Medicine approaches, and they get a chance to protect their privacy. I am not alone; I am building with my 1000 of my newest friends.

So if you are reading this blog, would you like to set yourself free and become self sovereign ? Your personal onboarding is free with your purchase. Click the link below and join me now. [Link ]

Unlock Your Health Autonomy

Take back autonomy over your health by joining our Advance Medicine Exchange. Learn more by clicking this link :

Supreme Cyber Privacy Exchange

I am super thrilled to share with you the abundant benefit of Cyber Privacy.
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The Power Of Blockchain

The world powered by you. Hackers and big companies today are contributing to a global identity slave trade. Since the beginning of time, it has been the Human Identity that drove the global commerce. I am super excited that I have a link to share below.


I hope you enjoy it.

Join Our Professional Team Of Technicians

Have you ever tried to start your own business and everything seems not to go according to plan ? I know I have. Now, you have abundant of opportunity to start your own thriving Business-in-a-Box, including professional development, Personal unique ID, passive income and much more. I am thrilled to share the link below with you.



Blockchain Talk Session 1

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Blockchain Talk Session 2 Powered By CrowdPoint Technology

In this episode, the CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies Sean O'Brien-Brehm explains, the Power of Blockchain. To learn more and be part of this disruptive movement click this [Link]

Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1, Powered by CrowdPoint Technology

To start your own journey on Blockchain ecosystem, click on my affiliate link below

iframely: The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism. More and more, big corporations are taking control of cultures and individuals through money, policies, practices, and surveillance capitalism to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private lives.

Beyond the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time variables today, a new kind of oppression has emerged.

Big Technology Companies freely exchange the Human Identity are using surveillance capitalism to create a human identity slave trade.

Suppose the current digital revolution is characterized as a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines. In that case, it should also be transformative in how the Human Identity is emancipated from the current identity slave trade is happening today.

CrowdPoint's charter is to empower the microprenuer who own Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.

The good news is that four unique technologies will lead to the fourth industrial revolution when in the right hands.

Combining these four technologies makes up the necessary technological ingredients to create digital platforms operating in an emerging technological ecosystem.

Today, the convergence of several technology megatrends is working together in a rare and unique singularity.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Compaction technologies combined with a distributed ledger will assist business decision-makers in contributing to the emerging sharing economy.

When integrated correctly, these technologies will usher in radically new business models.

If you want to learn more . . . contact us. [Link]


Claim Back Your Unique Decentralized Identification

Claim Back Your Unique Decentralized Identification

Sadly, Humanity are being traded around the world for trillions of dollars. It is your digital identification that is powering the whole internet today. To learn how to start taking control of your decentralized identification click this [Link]


Big Global Movement

Big Global Movement

We are your trusted agent, in an untrusted world. To learn how you can be part of CrowdPoint's big disruptive movement, click this [link] yt6S0zjSAPPno1BQ

Blockchain Talk Session 6, Powered By CrowdPoint Technologies

Learn more on big blockchain topic. CrowdPoint CEO Sean O'Brien-Brehm explain further. I hope you enjoy it. Ready to join blockchain ? Click the [link] below


The Big Gaming Exchange Powered By Blockchain

The Big Gaming Exchange Powered By Blockchain

Imagine having quality game time with family on Blockchain. To find out more, click the [Link] below

WOW ! This Is Not Just Water, This Is A2O Water

A2O water increases partial pressure of the oxygen in the cells, improving the overall health. It is indeed a drop of love and abundance in a bottle, not just any water. To learn more, visit this {link }


Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine

Is it possible to increase the functional response in oxygen utilization? There is a full webinar explaining what this is, the implications on health and performance, and why every person must know this information to improve their functional response to oxygenate themselves better!
To learn more from Dr Buttar click this [Link]