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Updated by Alex_Cowell on Nov 25, 2021
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Listing Events that led me this Incredible and empowering Crowdpoint Adventure...

This is a list of the events that brought me to the groundbreaking Technologies Ecosystem and the Advanced Medicine & Cyberprivacy Exchanges.



You, me & Cyberprivacy!

You, me & Cyberprivacy!

Year of the Exchange for change? B4 Covid, I was a busy working mum, running a successful Events business in France. It took global pandemic to throw me off life’s hamster wheel, breath and take stock of who I am & what I am about. I realised that I had allowed the technology that empowered and facilitated my everyday life, take over and abuse my trust.
I escaped through a digital door to 'Narnia'... Join me

The Future is HERE!!

Thanks to the power and transparency of the blockchain, the future I want to be part of is here. CrowdpointTechnologies are building an Ecosystem of safe and secure commerce exchanges that will change the way we shop and communicate between buyers and sellers. Best of all - you, me and all Exchange clients get to protect, own and monetise our identity should we wish to share it. Awesome right?

How healthy are you really? Find out with the AheadMap..

The AheadMap is a progress assessment tool compiled on the research of hundreds of respected medical doctors which allows you to follow your own health journey and establish areas of your general health and individual organs that may need support and treatment. Click on the link above to join the Advanced Medicine website and register for free so you too can Map to Get Ahead!!

Advanced Medicine Exchange | Coming Soon

The Advanced Medicine Exchange mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficient treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing.


A trusted agent in an untrusted world.

A trusted agent in an untrusted world.

How many T&C’s have you read before accepting cookies? What is a cookie anyway?
Taking the time to stop and assess how much of our own information is used to market, influence, and sell to us and our kids got me thinking that this was not the legacy and the normality I wanted to impart to my children. This is not ok. How many of you have mentioned a random item only for it to pop up in a Google or Amazon ad that same day? Coincidence... indeed ;0)




I understand the power of our data, it is the new gold..the fuel that makes big tech go heady as their algorithms reach deeper into our souls - so who wouldn't want a piece of the action to get ahead right? There is no magical wand to wave this away, and for sure, our future is cemented in tech and I do want to be part of the future - dont you?

Your health is in your hands!

Whether its your physical health or mental health - no one gains more from looking after you then you. Recent tides have turned us back to nature for everyday wellness and wellbeing as we look to ethical, clean and natural alternatives to heal, grow and flourish. At the Advanced Medicine Exchange, all products and services are vetted to offer you the very best to sustain and support your wellness. Welcome...

What is CrowdPoint Technologies?

CrowdPoint is a Blockchain Ecosystem Digital Platform provider powered by Big Data, AI, and Compaction technologies.

CrowdPoint recognizes that a great online strategy is important and wants to provide you with the tools to make you successful!