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Updated by Graciela on Jan 08, 2022
Headline for My Incredible Journey At Crowdpoint
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My Incredible Journey At Crowdpoint

This is a list of events surrounding my incredible journey in Crowdpoint, Cyber Privacy Exchange and Advanced Medicine Exchange. Please join me in this adventure.


Welcome To Crowdpoint!

Hi, I am so excited to welcome you to Crowdpoint! Here at Crowdpoint your human identity and privacy is protected by the amazing Blockchain Ecosystem.
Here is a LINK I want to share with you to help get more information and help you get started on this amazing journey.

Importance Of The Advanced Medicine Exchange!

The most important thing in life for me is the well-being of my family. Now in days many products that we use in our household have many chemicals. All those chemicals cause harm to our health especially to our little ones. Making a change to natural and pure products is something we all need to make to help us move one step forward into a healthier lifestyle.
To Learn More Click Here

How I Started My Amazing Journey At Crowdpoint

Hi, my name is Graciela! I started my journey with Crowdpoint on April of this year, thanks to my amazing sister-in-law who refered me to crowdpoint. This journey has provided me with a relief of knowing my families data and privacy can be safe. Lets make this a better future for our familes a safer way of living.
COME JOIN US in this new journey that will change the world!

How Amazing Is The CyberPrivacy !

Have you ever wonder why sometimes when your using your phone you get ads about something you where talking about or when you search something on the interent then you have ads on facebook or instagram. Did you know that when you shop online they steal your personal data and sale it for money ? Well thats why the cyber exchange is here to protect you from all of that. If your interested to have all your data safe and not stolen Click Here

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology.

Esports Is Coming Very Soon!

Are you or any one on you family or friends into video games? Well guess what we will be introducing our Esports sector very soon. I know you will enjoy this as much as i will.
In the meantime this becomes available please check here what else we can offer you.
Click Here

What Is Crowdpoint You May Be Asking?

Crowdpoint is a global assembly of identities working together to create a new era in interconnected digital living. It combines emerging technologies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Compaction, Cryptology, and Blockchain to return to every person in this world the power of their human identity. It revolutionizes traditional financial, political, and social systems through a democratized digital framework to give all netizens a fair and open Internet. We are your trusted agent in an untrusted world.

Check This Interesting Video Of CyberPrivacy!

Here is a clip of how hacker can steal our information
Join us at Crowdpoint

The Future Of CyberPrivacy Is Here!

Are you ready to take your privacy back?
Well your in the righy place and it's time to do it now!

iframely: The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism. More and more, big corporations are taking control of cultures and individuals through money, policies, practices, and surveillance capitalism to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private lives. Big Technology Companies freely exchange the Human Identity are using surveillance capitalism to create a human identity slave trade.

Let's Make A Change, Join Now

FREE Advance Medicine Dashboard!!!

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