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Updated by Robyn Gates on Oct 17, 2021
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Robyn's CrowdPoint Quest

I am excited to share my quest with you! Let's dive into the blockchain and learn more about CrowdPoint Technologies, Cyber Privacy Exchange and the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Click on the links to walk through my amazing journey with CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine



CrowdPoint. A Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World

CrowdPoint. A Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World

Join me in becoming a MicroPreneur and start your own business from the comfort of your home. It feels good to step outside of your comfort zone and take an opportunity to build a better you along side with building your own business with the help of the CrowdPoint Exchange.

Crowdpointtech Affiliate Program

No need to fear the power is near! Learn more about the power of the crowd and cyber protection blockchain ecosystem with CrowdPoint Technologies. Click on the link to learn more about the upcoming 4th industrial revolution of the blockchain. Learn how the Blockchain will revolutionize Neo-Feudalism. I provide quality products to help the human identity enter into the Blockchain.


AHEAD MAP Lifetime Member

AHEAD MAP Lifetime Member

Money or Good Health, which one is more important? Depends on your point of view but no doubt, life becomes more difficult without them. Become an Advanced Medicine Life Time Member to have access to the AHEAD MAP tool and an opportunity to increase your income. Click on the link below


My Advanced Medicine Journey

My Advanced Medicine Journey

I am excited to share this LINK with you!! I hope you enjoy and it can bring big changes to your life like it has to mine! Please check out my online store where you can purchase quality vetted products. Don't waste anymore time searching for quality products with healthy ingredients. Click my link to see my exclusive products (add link for store) and put small business back in buisness!

Website at

Become a member of the Advanced Medicine Exchange and begin the quest to take back your health.