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Updated by lorirdh on Jun 27, 2021
Headline for Lori's Incredible Journey Down the Mysterious Path to CrowdPoint Technologies and the Blockchain
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Lori's Incredible Journey Down the Mysterious Path to CrowdPoint Technologies and the Blockchain

This is the start of something big and I am super excited to share my experience surrounding CrowdPoint, Cyber Privacy Exchange and Advanced Medicine Exchange. Joining CrowdPoint has provided an opportunity with "first mover advantage" and it will put me on a path towards huge rewards and success. I decided to create this page to show you how much of a "Game Changer" it really is. Once you have familiarized yourself with the company and the opportunities perhaps you will want to start your own journey as well. Trust will be glad you did!!



This the first Exchange on the CrowdPoint Blockchain. Each exchange will provide products or services that are relative to the Exchange. As a holistic healthcare practitioner I am excited to be a part of this exchange because I value the importance of quality products that you can trust and I appreciate the fact that all products go through a strict vetting process before entering the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Click on the link above to see the products available.

Cyber Privacy Exchange

There is a massive shift in the digital world about to happen that most of us are unaware of at the moment. It is called Blockchain technology. CrowdPoint Technologies is quickly emerging as the “go to” company for Cyber security and is 100% committed to defending the human right to privacy.
CrowdPoint Technologies (

Where Do You Start in Your Health Journey

In order to start to fix your body have to fix your mind.
"If you think you can do it You are Correct
If you think you can't do it You are Correct
........Henry Ford
Let's get you started on your Health Journey Advanced Medicine

What the heck is Blockchain? I felt the same way when I heard the word. This is a fun video that explains Blockchain from a child's perspective all the up to the expert! Enjoy!
Advanced Medicine

One of our tag lines is "The Power of the Crowd" meaning when one person is brave enough to take that first step forward the crowd soon steps in behind him. With the power of the multitude then amazing things can happen. Our one brave person is Sean Brehm CEO of Crowdpoint. Sean is a former Army Seal Elite Force and has now turned his passion to fight for your privacy in the global war on your identity.


From the Rapidly Evolving Technological World Comes "Micropreneurs"

From the Rapidly Evolving Technological World Comes "Micropreneurs"

The world of technology is moving at_ lightening speed_. I decided to take on the role of Distibutor/Micropreneur and join the crowd of 1000 like minded people without hesitation because the time was right and technology waits for NO ONE!!