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Updated by Denise Lyn on May 27, 2022
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Denise's Amazing CrowdPoint Journey

This is a list of events surrounding CrowdPoint CyberPrivacy Exchange and Advanced Medicine Exchange

My Awesome CrowdPoint Advanced Medicine Journey

Hello! I want to welcome you to my store and to the Advanced Medicine Exchange by amazing CrowdPoint Technologies! My prayers were answered when I became a Distributor for CrowdPoint. I am now a MicroPreneur! I was looking for an online opportunity, and found the cream of the crop in CrowdPoint, where I not only help myself, but I am blessed to help you!

Who is CrowdPoint Technologies?

CrowdPoint is a brand new way of doing business in a secure, Blockchain based AI platform, where your privacy is your own, to do with as “you” decide. Now our identity and transactions are protected within this Blockchain. YOU can share your identity and receive compensation, or not. I can onboard you to the Blockchain with your purchase here!

What is Advanced Medicine Exchange?

Visit the Advanced Medicine Exchange and find fantastic, high quality, healthy products for you and your family! You can shop with confidence that your privacy and information are not being sold to the big tech companies, who then use your profits for their personal gain. I can onboard you to the Blockchain as a free gift, with your purchase here today!

What is Blockchain?

Watch the video here for an easy explanation of Blockchain. [CrowdPoint Technologies] is a Blockchain Ecosystem Digital Platform provider powered by Big Data, AI, and Compaction technologies.
More about CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem. Join today with your purchase [here]!( )!

What is a MicroPreneur?

What is a MicroPreneur? Well, traditional entrepreneurs are committed to the quest for growth. MicroPreneurs know they can be happy even if their companies never appear on a list of top-ranked businesses but are helping others. Take care of people, distribute yourself in an emerging global shift. MicroPreneurs build for others.


At Advanced Medicine, the Ahead Map is an incredibly powerful health assessment tool. It is free.

And don't forget to check out the wonderful ecommerce via Blockchain of CrowdPoint's ADVANCED MEDICINE EXCHANGE here!

The Exciting Advanced Medicine Exchange

Advanced Medicine Exchange powered by CrowdPoint Technologies: The Heartbeat of e-commerce on the Blockchain! Where you can purchase healthy, natural products!

A TRUSTED Agent in an Untrusted World!

Isn't it time we had a company we can trust to keep our data and identity private?

Welcome to CrowdPoint Technologies!! Where YOU choose to share your data and be rewarded, or you can keep YOUR data private! You can shop, game, and socialize, on a secure Blockchain with CrowdPoint Cyber Privacy!

Pete De La Torre interviews Sean Brehm, CEO of Crowdpoint Technologies.

Advanced Medicine Exchange Powered by CrowdPoint Technologies Blockchain!

The Advanced Medicine Exchange on the CrowdPoint Blockchain offers quality natural health products and services, on a secure Platform! With a purchase I can bring you onto the Blockchain, where you will get your own Digital ID. This is a revolutionary e-Commerce digital marketplace like nothing before! Join us in this extraordinary journey!


(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): Consumer Staples Exchange PS ("CSX"), a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange sector, announced today that it is deploying its big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology shared services platform for decentralized exchanges and marketplaces.