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Updated by Jacinta Sterling on Dec 23, 2021
Headline for Jacinta's Adventure of a Lifetime!
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Jacinta's Adventure of a Lifetime!

How Covid-19 propelled me into the opportunity of a lifetime with Advanced Medicine Exchange and the CrowdPoint Ecosystem! This is HUGE


Opportunity is Knocking!

Don't be left behind and live with regrets. The time to become an entrepreneur on our Vogon Blockchain is now! Join us


Clean Water to the World!

Clean Water to the World!

Finally, a group of people that wants to give to the world instead of taking from people! For too long, charlatans used the poverty of some places in Africa to enrich themselves. Thanks, Sean and Marlene, and the CrowdPoint team for planning the upliftment of all people. Join us on this exciting adventure that is making the change for which the world is waiting. Freedom at last! JOIN US HERE

Building Blocks for the Future: The NexGen Blockchain

Immutable, transparent and pervasive: Those are the hallmarks of a NexGen blockchain. Unlike its Bitcoin-underpinning cousin, this blockchain was designed from the ground up for speed and efficiency.
Is it time to join us? Don't look back with regrets. Opportunity is knocking NOW. JOIN US


Vogon Blockchain Merchandise

Vogon Blockchain Merchandise

Get the latest and hottest merchandise from our blockchain ecosystem Shop NOW


Blockchain Ecosystem Launch

Blockchain Ecosystem Launch

(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): CrowdPoint Technologies, Inc. ("CrowdPoint"), a Blockchain Ecosystem and Exchange provider, announced today the launch of its nextgen blockchain technology through its 11 sectors, public-private exchange strategy through the Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange ("BEX").
CrowdPoint's digital platform combines the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to create a shared services platform for decentralized exchanges and marketplaces. With international development teams across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asian perimeter, CrowdPoint's goal is to democratize data behind human identity.
"At CrowdPoint, we deliver nextgen blockchain technologies. For the average global citizen, blockchain can be confusing and bewildering. It must seem everyone is becoming a billionaire overnight. This is likely because of the noise around businesses and currency models that use blockchain," says Sean Brehm, the Chairman & CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies. "We at CrowdPoint felt we had to make it understandable. While the potential of blockchain is disruptive and revolutionary, we believe the current use of blockchain and the subsequent wealth creation resulting from its adoption is potentially flawed and unsustainable. Our approach is simple: drive improved e-commerce using big data and blockchain to create revenue first and worry about speculation later."
The company has spent the last year in stealth integrating 11 market sector exchanges with its shared services technologies - nextgen blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence. The shared services also include technologies that help small and medium-sized companies grow and compete like large enterprises. The company has deployed its web-based communication service that comes prepopulated with millions of ideal customer profiles. This feat is possible through a big data customer resource manager. Also included is a website builder that provides web hosting and design services. Users can quickly build their site while integrating directly into nextgen blockchain technology. The company has already onboarded over 1000 Distributors and Resellers to date. CrowdPoint helps them sell their products online on BEX.
CrowdPoint is passionate about the success of blockchain technology and views the current cryptocurrency hype as having the potential for similar pitfalls that caused the dot-com bubble.
The company created BEX to get "Left of Bang" and decrease the likelihood of another potential bust. Through a solid public-private blockchain-powered assembly of exchanges and marketplaces, CrowdPoint focuses on more efficient e-commerce.
For more information, you can visit the following links:

This presentation may contain "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws, and these statements involve substantial risks and uncertainties. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including, but not limited to, expectations of future operating results or financial performance, market size and growth opportunities, the calculation of certain of our key financial and operating metrics, plans for future operations, competitive position, technological capabilities, and strategic relationships, as well as assumptions relations to the foregoing. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, some of which cannot be predicted or quantified. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as "guidance," "expect," "anticipate," "should," "believe," "hope," "target," "project," "plan," "goals," "estimate," "potential," "predict," "may," "will," "might," "could," "intend," "shall," and variations of these terms or the negative of these terms and similar expressions. You should not put undue reliance on any forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements should not be read as a guarantee of future performance or results and will not necessarily be accurate indications of the times at, or by, which such performance or results will be achieved, if at all.
Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which involve factors or circumstances that are beyond our control. Our actual results could differ materially from those stated or implied in forward-looking statements due to a number of factors, including but not limited to risks detailed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). You can locate those reports on our investor relations website ( or on the SEC website ( If the risks or uncertainties ever materialize or the assumptions prove incorrect, our results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, we assume no obligation and do not intend to update these forward-looking statements or to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations.


CrowdPoint Press Release

CrowdPoint Press Release

Eraj Akhtar
Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange
+1 (844) 972-1777
(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): Consumer Staples Exchange PS ("CSX"), a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange sector, announced today that it is deploying its big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology shared services platform for decentralized exchanges and marketplaces. As a member of the Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange system, its single goal is leveraging the power of blockchain e-commerce to democratize the data behind human identity.
"The mission of the Consumer Staples Exchange is to horizontally and vertically unite food, staples, retailing, beverage, tobacco, household, and personal products on its blockchain-powered shared services technology in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Consumer Staples buying experience for the HUMAN IDENTITY," said Eraj Akhtar, Chief Futures Officer for CrowdPoint Technologies. "Our Futures team has a singular focus on leveraging the power of the blockchain to drive e-commerce more efficiently first. Then we can move to use a solid supply chain optimization approach to improve customer service, eventually removing bloat in the business ecosystem."
The company has been working in stealth for the past year, integrating into a common schema of 11 market sectors, providing consumers an easy way to navigate through its Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange. Its shared services include an integrated suite of proprietary nextgen blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies. The shared services also include technologies that help small and medium-sized companies grow and compete like large enterprises. The company has deployed its web-based communication service that comes prepopulated with millions of ideal customer profiles. This feat is possible through a big data customer resource manager. Also included is a website builder that provides web hosting and design services. Users can quickly build their site while integrating directly into nextgen blockchain technology. The company is currently in negotiations with several sizable Consumer Staple resource providers and anticipates making an announcement in the coming days.
The Consumer Staples Exchange is passionate about the success blockchain technology will have on this sector. CSX focuses on delivering a solid public-private blockchain-powered assembly of marketplaces that focus on more efficient e-commerce.
For more information, you can visit the following links:


No Regrets!

No Regrets!

The Blockchain Ecosystem is the place to be! Soon, everyone will be using this system. Choose which type of participant you want to be! Click Here to find out


INTERACTIVE MEDIA EXCHANGE is the now creating a buzz!. Are you still living in FEAR? Knowledge is the antidote to FEAR! Dr. Buttar who has successfully treated patients from all over the world and lectured in more than 94 countries, gives you a strong dose of KNOWLEDGE! Why is he censored during this "crisis?" Check out why they don't want you to hear what he has to say! Get 5 free hours of antidote to fear, and if you need more, purchase the whole AMC conference! You will walk with confidence and not fear after that. Get your 5 free hours here

iframely: New Site is Live

Advanced Medicine Exchange is now open! Check it out! You will love it!

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Want to know more about the blockchain? This will be the buzzword of the future! CrowdPoint is leading the way with its ecosystem that is built on the blockchain. Watch the video to learn more!

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Are You Ready??

Are You Ready??

The Change is Here! Join Us
CrowdPoint has started the 4th industrial revolution with its ecosystem. We are now involved with data protection and advanced medicine bringing health and wellness, but, Crowdpoint also has several other industries in the ecosystem. We are involved in Energy, Real Estate, Financials, E-sport, and Information Technology, to name a few. It is so exhilarating to be riding this wave. I have to say, "thanks to the CDC, WHO, and Covid-19 most of all, thanks to Sean Brehm, CEO. CrowdPoint Technologies has opened the door to freedom for me and ultimately to everyone. YES!! CrowdPoint and the 1000 distributors/resellers are revolutionizing the way business is done. We have created a force that is changing the world as we speak. Change the world has been waiting for, has arrived! You can join us as a Distributor, Reseller, or Technician and help to accelerate this change!

What the Hell is Blockchain??

CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies explains the Blockchain and the CrowdPoint platform. He is joined by 10 of the 1000 distributors/resellers in the CrowdPoint Ecosystem. Participants from different parts of the world, share their motivation for joining CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Viewers are given an inside view of the phenomenal opportunity that is offered by CrowdPoint.

Opportunity Knocks....

CrowdPoint Explained

Blockchain was a foggy concept to me, but I was familiar with data protection. I have no understanding of the technology behind it but, I have bought a VPN and Lifelock to protect my identity. With these protections, I still get the annoying pop-ups, the unusual emails from unknown entities and, the ads to buy something similar to what we just spoke about or searched for on the web. A report indicated that my email address was seen on the dark web! I knew our data was being stolen and used profitably but I did not know the extent to which that was done until I became associated with Crowdpoint Technologies.

The prospect of having a profitable website was an exciting idea for me. More exciting is that Crowdpoint promises to build my website, bring millions of targeted leads to my website, provide an official CrowdPoint email and Customer Relation Management System (CRM) for a fraction of the cost associated with these things. Just the education is more than enough for the amount invested as one of the first 1000 Distributors /Resellers in the CrowdPoint ecosystem! There is so much excitement, camaraderie, love, and appreciation within the group we have become like family! A family with the same mindset, ready to change the world!

However, the most impressive thing that grabbed my attention is the decentralization of our financial system. Decentralization allows individuals to control the use of their data and secure their privacy. After all, privacy is a human right! What a novel concept in business. Customers secure their digital identity from the greedy clutches of the modern-day robber barons, dictate how it is used and, are rewarded for its use? Hallelujah! AWESOME!

Financial transactions are safe from prying eyes on the Blockchain Computer systems are cleaned of all viruses and malware and brought back to almost new with proprietary, Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence, VRAI. The Mircoprenuer becomes financially independent by selling healthy, life-giving products to shoppers who recognize the need for an alternative source of health on the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Customers who visit my spot in the AMEX and purchase any premium-quality product, their identity is secured on the Blockchain. CrowdPoint’s philosophy is about putting the power back in the hands of individuals.

Have No Fear...AMEX is Here!

Hear from a cancer survivor about treatment protocols from Dr. Rashid A. Buttar at the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Huntersville, NC. This gives viewers an insight into what the Advanced Medicine Marketplace has to offer. This is just one of many testimonials, as the Advanced Medicine Marketplace will offer full spectrum nutritional products of the highest quality, that are rigorously tested, organic, and non-GMO. Quality products that will enhance the health and well-being of individuals who are seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The Advanced Medicine Marketplace is set to revolutionize the Health and Wellness industry!

A Health Revolution!

The Covid-CrowdPoint Nexus
A Blessing?

Covid-19 was a blessing for me! Although I did not subscribe to all the hype, it affected me in a significant, but positive way. First, I was able to work from home for almost one and a half years. This was possible because I could claim a medical exemption due to having two heart attacks. Also, my husband developed CIDP, a very aggressive form of neuropathy, after taking the flu vaccine and needs help with anything that demands fine motor skills. My sympathy goes out to all those who have been adversely affected by Covid-19. We have some adverse effects as well, but I am choosing to reflect on the positive.

How it Happened

During this period of working from home and reflecting on the buffoonery, I met Dr. Buttar at
Advanced Medicine. I had been detoxifying my body and maintaining a vegan lifestyle after refusing bypass surgery to regain my health without pharmaceuticals. I got hooked on his philosophy of health, which coincided with the belief system I developed after my research. After following his work and watching his videos, I decided to join the IADFW. I gained access to the premium products behind the lifetime membership. The AHEAD MAP helped me monitor my health, and that alone was worth more than the paltry sum of $99.00. Dr. Buttar demonstrated such care and genuineness that I did not hesitate to join the TAP into Reality group. It was here that CrowdPoint Technologies was shown to me. Just the name Crowdpoint engenders such excitement I can hardly contain myself.

My husband had always been a business owner, while I worked as an educator. He had to give up business due to many factors, including flu vaccine damage. I had dabbled with many MLM businesses that promised much and delivered little for me, mainly because I am an introvert and hate selling. When I saw the Crowdpoint opportunity, initially, I was hesitant, but as I learned about the philosophy and got to know the people behind Crowdpoint, the more excited I became.

As the CEO of CrowdPoint explained the business model, I have to admit, I did not understand much. However, I recalled that in 1998, I was introduced to the concept of an online store but gave up on the opportunity. I did not appreciate the concept of an online store. Now, in retrospect, I realize what I gave up. I decided that I did not want to miss the boat in this new wave of the 4th industrial revolution.
So, what is this 4th industrial revolution?


CrowdPoint Technologies is the leader in the 4th industrial revolution, which will put back the power and control in the hands of consumers. CrowdPoint is leading the way in the digital world to secure our data, protect our computers from spyware, and provide an ecosystem that rewards individuals when their data is used. CrowdPoint provides opportunities in multiple areas of the economy. The Advanced Medicine Exchange is just one of many. I am so excited, the future looks really good without big tech stealing and profiting from your data, big brother watching your every move and big pharma suppressing good medicine! CrowdPoint is our "Spider-Man"

  • Hello, I’m Jacinta. I’m a teacher and health blogger living in Orlando, Florida. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, travel, and food. I’m also interested in politics and education. I recently became a Micropreneur with Crowdpoint Technologies. A company that is leading the way in securing the human identity on the blockchain and rewarding customers on their 11 exchanges. CrowdPoint is decentralizing the financial system and empowering the consumers by giving them control of their data. Big Tech and big businesses can no longer steal and profit from your data. We value your identity and do everything to secure it with our proprietary VRAI virus protection. Take your power back and earn while you do it with CrowdPoint Technologies.

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