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Journeying with CrowdPoint Abundance Potential

This lists why I became a CrowdPoint distributor/reseller.
First, 3 exchanges: Advanced Medicine Exchange and CrowdPoint Cyber Exchange and Imedia Exchange.
Second, AME offers unique healthy products that are specific to the exchange.
Third, CCE offers cyber protection on the block chain when you buy from AME.
Fourth, IME offers Empowerment of self, health truths and mindset. (
Invitation code 49955
Lastly, you can come on board! Click the links to learn more.


The information your looking for but haven't realized it.

Life changing in mindset and opportunity.

A trusted agent in an untrusted world.


I wanted privacy protection that was important to me. So when I first heard Sean talking about the Blockchain I wanted to know more. Blockchain allows the user to have their rights protected. It begins with purchasing products on the exchanges, it continues when people approve the use of their information and get compensated. Crowdpoint handles a persons data as a trusted agent.

Website at

The products sold go through a process to get approved. They are unique products that focus on health and well being for all. The first eight products chosen will be available for purchase in the very near future. I can't wait to order them and I know you will when you see them.


Business objective protecting your right to privacy.

Business objective protecting your right to privacy.

Sean Brehm Crowdpoint Technologies Co-founder and Chairman. Look below at the short episodes where Sean talks about Crowdpoint.


Kathy's journey stepping out

Kathy's journey stepping out

I am so excited and blessed to be on this journey with Crowdpoint, Sean and Dr. Buttar. Together with the family of co-members, TAP and IADFW there is a support line 24 hours a day. It is our own social media.
You are welcome to come along.
Well for now take care and God Bless.

Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean...

Blockchain Talk Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and CrowdPoint Distributors. #Enpowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingField

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology.


Https:// Invitation code 49955

Are you ready to take your health in your own hands? Ready to take responsibility of your actions to bring healing and wellness in your life?
To learn more about your health and the state of health affairs in the world check out this exchange. Dr. Buttar Shares his knowledge and wisdom. [ invitation code 49955