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Updated by freq4health on Jun 25, 2021
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Freq4Health CrowdPoint Exchange

When I heard I could get my identity back in my hands I knew this was the place for me. For decades the selling and trading of identities has been going on and now with this technology we are taking our identity back and putting that value back in the hands of who it belongs. This is revolutionary and the thought of decentralization from the centralized world that has not worked for me, is a Miracle from the Creator. I have prayed, meditated and awaited this opportunity and it arrived. The fact is my retirement is on my doorstep and I do not care to remain in the field I am in as it has lost credibility and no longer do I feel like I am in service for the highest good. So I asked with gratitude, maintained patience and it manifested as CrowdPoint. It was and is a knowing or resonance from inside of me that confirms this was my answer.

Here at CrowdPoint I found a secure exchange with everything I could desire while maintaining the security of my identity. I do realize my identity is valuable and it has been sold many times and I got nothing in return. Those agreements, terms and such that I did not read was the key to the theft. Ads for things I mentioned just appear as if magic.

This will not happen on the CrowdPoint Exchange. A matter a fact, CrowdPoint has the technology to secure my devices so no one can take advantage of my identity again.

Take control of your health and get health products while maintaining your identity Advanced Medicine Exchange.

All of this is possible with what is called the Blockchain. Just like the internet was used by a few (aka Military) and then was shared with the public, so too is this technology called the Blockchain. It is more secure than anything out there with encryption. With the security issues of hackers and fraud by deception in the world today this could not come at a better time for all of us.

This is working for the highest good of all, where I was guided by a higher power. I will honor and maintain integrity as I partake on this journey.

Advanced Medicine Exchange | Coming Soon

The Advanced Medicine Exchange mission is to combine
medical advances and scientific research with highly
efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies
to DEMOCRATIZE healing in order to:

1) Protect the physical autonomy.
2) Defend the spiritual sovereignty.
3) Empower the individual mind with information and knowledge to prevent humanity from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!
CrowdPoint Exchange

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Take Control Of Your Health

Take Control Of Your Health

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Find Security Here

Find Security Here

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A Trusted Agent In An Untrusted World - CrowdPoint Exchange

A Trusted Agent In An Untrusted World - CrowdPoint Exchange

Be apart of the decentralization of your identity and take back your value. Revolutionary technology is here.
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