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Updated by Cassandra on Feb 11, 2022
Headline for Cassandra's Amazing Journey to Freedom with CrowdPoint on the Blockchain!
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Cassandra's Amazing Journey to Freedom with CrowdPoint on the Blockchain!

Enjoy my blogs, videos, and updates surrounding my journey into the blockchain with Crowdpoint Technologies, the Advanced Medicine Exchange, and the Cyber Privacy Exchange. Join me and learn more here!


Amazing Health in The Advanced Medicine Exchange!

It’s very fortunate you found my online health and wellness store and I welcome you! I believe it is a necessary choice to make your health a priority. Especially now with all the changes happening the world. Learn more about creating health and freedom in the CrowdPoint Ecosystem here!

Take back your power with CrowdPoint and The Advanced Medicine Exchange!

Create freedom, protect your identity and align with my vision of a healthier world. How you ask? With each transaction in The Advanced Medicine Exchange, you will be added to a unique blockchain ecosystem that CrowdPoint has created to protect your personal information. Join me] now!

Who is CrowdPoint and their unbelievable Blockchain technology?

Prosperity and economic stability for all, not just a few! At CrowdPoint we offer a Digital Platform for small and medium size businesses to compete in the emerging Blockchain economoy and capitalize on the network effect created by being part of a Blockchain Ecosystem. Join me in the new sharing economy!

My Amazing Journey begins with The Advanced Medicine Exchange on the Blockchain

Blockchain is the decentralized platform to reclaim our identity, health and wealth. My dream of collaborating with a heart-based company to create a new business model to teach future generations has begun. In our Advanced Medicine Exchange, we can reach millions and share wellness products! It's time to thrive in prosperity in all aspects of our lives! Join me in that journey here!

Protect your 2 most surprising assets in CrowdPoint's AMeX!

Purchasing organic, all natural products in The Advanced Medicine Exchange gives you power to protect your most important assets…your health and your identity. CrowdPoint's Blockchain is immutable and secures your personal information from being exposed. Transactions must be verified through consensus. Learn more here!

CrowdPoint's marvelous blockchain technology is the new economy!

The old systems are becoming obsolete. What is exciting about this? We get to create something better to takes it’s place! We do this together in the CrowdPoint ecosystem of micropreneurs in collaboration and community. Let me show you how to play a part in creating a new business model and sharing economy for us all!

Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean...

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Talk Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and CrowdPoint Distributors. #Enpowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingField

CrowdPoint's Generous Charter

CrowdPoint's Charter: To empower the micropreneur who own Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.

Blockchain Talk Session 6

Join us tomorrow evening at 7pm est for Session 6 “ How Decentralized Identifiers are impacting the media industry” with my Co-host Sean O’Brien-Brehm and sp...

Blockchain Talk Session 4

"Decentralized Identifiers", your opportunity to protect and maximize YOUR identity! Our special guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm, Founder of CrowdPoint Technologies.

CrowdPoint-Manifesto - Power of the Crowd

CrowdPoint utilizes the power of the crowd and protects your identity. Join the cause here!

BlockChain Talk Session 5 Part 2

Join us this evening at 7pm EST for Part 2 of Session 5 featuring 4 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. My ...

CrowdPoint's Incredible Mission

CrowdPoint's Mission: To unite AI, Compaction and Blockchain technologies to DEMOCRATIZE Big Data in order to DEFEND and DELIVER dividends to YOU, for your HUMAN IDENTITY.


Join Us In The Fantastic Mission of Advanced Medicine Exchange!

Join Us In The Fantastic Mission of Advanced Medicine Exchange!

The Advanced Medicine Exchange’s mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies! << Click here to learn more!

Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1

Join us this evening at 7pm EST for Part 1 of Session 5 featuring 6 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. My ...

Alternative Healthcare in the Advanced Medicine Exchange

Purchase natural, organic health products in my Advanced Medicine Exchange online store soon!

Click here to learn more and join our ecosystem.

CrowdPoint Technologies Blockchain NexGen Exchange Opportunities

Join us on the Crowdpoint blockchain for a business opportunity into the industry sectors being added to the exchange!

CrowdPoint blockchain business opportunity!

Are you ready for true FREEDOM? Start an online business and be a part of creating a new sharing economy? >> Contact me here!

Blockchain Talk Session 7

Join us tonight at 7PM EST for Session 7: "How to make money on the Blockchain". #Monetize #MakeMoney #Trust #Precision


We are the Revolutionary Buttonwood Group!

We are the Revolutionary Buttonwood Group!

CrowdPoint’s Buttonwood Blockchain Ecosystem is an assembly of small, midcap and MicroPreneurs joining together across 24 Industry Groups to create a special environment that is not centralized and are united in the common cause of defending and delivering dividends to the Human Identity.

Learn more here and join us in the revolution to reclaim our sovereignty!


Fantastic opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Fantastic opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Join me here in the Crowdpoint Ecosystem and the Advanced Medicine Exchange


Blockchain could change your life!

Blockchain could change your life!

Join me here to learn more about how the CrowdPoint blockchain could change your life in all areas.

Blockchain Talk Session 8

Join tomorrow evening for Session 8" A new beginning for e-commerce. My guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm#BlockchainTalk #NewBeginning #Transparency