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Updated by Kallie on Nov 05, 2021
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Why I Opened An Online Health Shop Through CrowdPoint

A list of reasons why I opened a shop through CrowdPoint Marketplace- which as a small business owner made a lot of sense. I want my money to go to trustworthy sources and also care about revitalizing the internet so that people's privacy is protected.



I opened a natural health shop through CrowdPoint Marketplace, because CrowdPoint is a rising alternative to the big brother eCommerce sites out there that dominate our lives. I have grown increasingly concerned about the surveillance, power, and data accumulation/selling that’s going on behind our backs by said marketplaces. As both a small business owner and consumer I care about what types of businesses I stand behind and support.


Need For Another Option

Friends and I have talked frequently over the past year about how we desperately need an alternative because as mothers of young children in the age of Covid-19, it’s really a struggle to visit multiple stores in one week. We don’t like giving our money to companies that have shown they are untrustworthy, but we felt stuck.


An Ethical Alternative to Online Shopping

Enter CrowdPoint! This start-up is a beautiful alternative that is growing by the day. CrowdPoint is a leader in a new way of commerce which supports small business owners and takes it a step further by protecting the consumer's online footprint. It’s built on a common passion for humanity, equality, protection of the environment and the security of our digital identity.


Way to Protect Your Privacy Online

CrowdPoint is built on the blockchain meaning that you will have a unique digital ID that's protected. All of your unique information (age, buying habits, location, etc). won't be able to be stolen and sold behind your back (which happens on the regular internet all of the time). When using the blockchain system you will be notified and compensated for sharing your information.


A Way to Support Small Businesses

We all know how vital it is to support small business owners as the middle class continues to get squeezed. CrowdPoint makes this easy so that you can do your shopping online and have it delivered to your door. It's convenient and you know that you are putting your money into the hands of families that need it, not to billionaire CEOs.


Join the Marketplace

If you are interested in learning more about how the CrowdPoint Marketplace works or are interested in opening up your own store please don't hesistate to reach out. We are going world-wide with this and can't way to see the positive impact we will make in people's lives.