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Updated by Justin Jorgensen on Jun 21, 2021
Headline for The emerging power of Blockchain and ECommerce, Justin's CrowdPoint Journey
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The emerging power of Blockchain and ECommerce, Justin's CrowdPoint Journey

This is a list of my journey to CrowdPoint, Advanced Medicine Exchange, and Cyber Privacy Exchange. Ecommerce is about to get an upgrade in a big way. The 4th Industrial Revolution has begun, be aware and take action to be apart of it.

Exciting change to Ecommerce and Cyber Privacy using the Power of Blockchain!!!

Since when did business become so impersonal? We can all tell when a small business is run by an owner that truly loves what they do. Their joy is palpable, and the service is genuine. They truly desire to make sure you are taken care of. Our experience, as the customer, is noticeably different; even day altering.
The feeling that as the customer you matter more than the money you are about to spend. It stands out in a wonderful way. I want to have such a business. One where my customers are well served by the products and personal service they receive each and every time they patron my business. Where would I begin to look for such an opportunity?
Enter CrowdPoint. A Blockchain backed company that seeks to do things drastically different so that everyone in the supply chain benefits, especially the customer. I didn’t know much about Blockchain, so I began to read and research. I quickly learned how secure it can be. As well as, the many applications and affects it could have on all areas of life and business.
CrowdPoint built the ecosystems, invited us to fill the space and change ourselves and our world. There are exchanges for Advanced Medicine, Cyber Protection, Esports and many being added regularly. Beyond the ecosystem, they also built the analytics to advertise to very targeted customers. Customers that actually have an interest in your products.
No more blind ad campaigns, or costly click advertising. CrowdPoint uses there AI, Big Data Analytics and Compaction technologies to derive value from the data of the human identity and then share the value gained. Yes I said share the value gained from ‘your data’. Its almost sad to realize we have been giving away a very precious resource, our identity.
CrowdPoints perspective is drastically different from the current Surveillance Capitalist system where big data companies (ie Google, Facebook, etc) gain access to thousands of data points about us, analyze, then sell that information and retain all the value.
What if a company actually shared the value of our information or better yet, what if we had complete control of our information? Down to even if our information can be used, at all, for advertising. Real control of our digital identity. We have just enhanced your privacy.
By partnering with CrowdPoint, I’ve become a MicroPreneur. A beautiful term that encompasses an entrepreneur with a true community focus. An entrepreneur that doesn’t seek to grow for greed-sake but for the greater impact they can have on the communities and world around them.
An egalitarian (democratic) system where veracious growth is bypassed in light of ensuring space for your fellow human. One that doesn’t hoard the profit margin but rather generously gives to resellers. Knowing that there will be more than enough for each party. A business that provides white glove personalized service just like that local business that changes your day. It brings the personal touch back to business, even in a digital space.
I am so blessed to be among about 1,000 others that are working for this new future of commerce. A future filled with capitalists that seek egalitarianism. A future of care and compassion for our neighbor that enables all to thrive in the abundance that is around us. The season of the Mega-Corporations that monopolize an industry, take our identities, all while producing a neo-feudalism is coming to an end.
The customer will be able to operate in a more secure, autonomous fashion. The small business owner will again have a fertile space to occupy. The blockchain is that new fertile space and our identity is the gentle rain that will drive the abundance of this new economy.
Are you looking to free yourself from the old way of doing business? Are you ready to have more control over your identity and data? Then join with me at CrowdPoint.
Together we can be the change the world is waiting for.

Hello to the Ecosystem built by CrowdPoint and Powered by the human identity. A place where you matter, your identity...

A brief hello and a few comments on how I and others are changing how we do business. Driven by the human identity and secured with Blockchain. Its time to be the change the world is waiting for.


Justin Jorgensen

Justin Jorgensen

Our identities matter and it is overdue to take back control. I'm a small business owner, that is ecstatic about the future of blockchain. The security, and personal autonomy will liberate our identities and us from the shackles of neo-fuedalism. Its time to build a Sharing Economy with a foundation of personal choice, autonomy, democratization, and egalitarianism. The future is bright and it's the crowd that will build it. Join HERE

Justin Jorgensen - Colorado, Distributor @ CrowdPoint Tech |

I am a Blockchain Influencer and Distributor in Colorado. Here is a little more information about me. Also join us at CrowdPoint HERE

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The Advanced Medicine Exchange is the home of pre-screened products and services to improve your health. Powered by the human identity, that's ALL of us, and secured with blockchain. You can know that your identity is yours again, and you have the control of who see's it and what they can do with what they see. For too long we have been mined for our most precious resource [our identity] and then pestered with ads for the privilege. That time is over and when you do business with CrowdPoint your identity becomes yours again. You can reclaim your autonomy and personal power. We are the driving force of the economy and its time we acted like it. Together we are reshaping commerce and its the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Add your identity to the crowd and regain your voice.

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