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Updated by Leith Ajob on Jan 01, 2022
Headline for Leith´s Crowdpoint Journey
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Leith´s Crowdpoint Journey

This is a list of my events surrounding Crowdpoint Technologies, Cyber Privacy Exchange, Advanced Medicine Exchange and how my life changed ever since.


My Crowdpoint Journey

My Crowdpoint Journey

"The world doesn't belong to leaders, the world belongs to all humanity. These words written by the Dalai Lama opened my mind to something great, to something divine that comes up once in a lifetime. To say "I am part of a project that is going to change the world" sounds, maybe a bit cheesy, for the era we are living in today but I am about to reveal a secret for you. This project exists and it's called CrowdPoint Technologies, a project that supports the crowd supports us, humanity as a whole, because this world is not just for the leaders, it is for all of us. Recently I had a very dark period feeling empty and low and I know more and more people are going through or went through something similar. But when you feel hopeless and powerless, that is when the universe switches the key and opens doors for you, doors with light and goodness because the good still exists. Everything felt like a big hand that came to lift me up and show me that there is still hope and that I'm not too small, that no one is too small to change the world, to make it better, and here I am together with 1000 wonderful people that suffered, that had hard times and that learned how to be grateful and how to help others. We have big plans, you can be part of them because together we are The Power of The Crowd! Through blockchain technology, a brand new decentralized marketplace has opened where your information is kept secure and private while purchasing top-of-the-line products and returning true capitalism back to the people where it belongs. The seed of goodness is found in the soil of appreciation. Dalai Lama Click here and see the power of the crowd. "


What is Crowdpoint Technologies?

What is Crowdpoint Technologies?

The future of marketplaces! Crowdpoint Technologies have created platform for how we will buy and sell products in the future using AI and Blockchain Technology. No more middle men, no more big tech telling you what you can buy or not, no more getting your valuable identity & data taken advantage of but rather giving the value back to YOU, where it belongs!
Crowdpoint is launching with 2 amazing exchanges; Advanced Medicine Exchange, and Cyber Privacy Exchange and many more to come.

Click here to learn more.


Advanced Medicine Exchange

Advanced Medicine Exchange

On the Advanced Medicine Exchange, you are able to find the highest quality, most affordable health and wellness products and services in the world. As a buying customer, you will be provided with an added service; I will onboard you onto the blockchain where you can authorize your own digital identity that is made by you! In other words, you will get a safe and secure transaction every time, giving the value back to you where it belongs. Are you already an established business with holistic or organic products, we want you too! Click here to learn how you can get on the Advanced Medicine blockchain marketplace.


Cyber Privacy Exchange

Cyber Privacy Exchange

Have you ever talked about a certain item or searched something on your computer and later had an ad on exactly that? That is because all of your data and identity is being taken and used out in the cyber wild west. With that same data, we get very exposed to malware, cyber hacking, and identity theft. CrowdPoint Technologies Cyber Privacy exchange is fueled by AI, compaction technologies, data analytics, and a distributed ledger. Their VRAI anywhere product offers intelligent immunity to all of your devices, keeping your personal identity and data safe and protected.


Working as a Distributor at Crowdpoint Technologies

Working as a Distributor at Crowdpoint Technologies

I could not be more blessed and extremely proud to be a CrowdPoint Technologies independent distributor/reseller!

CrowdPoint is a Blockchain Ecosystem Company that is powered by the value of the Human Identity. They leverage the intersection of Big Data Analytics, AI, Compaction and the Blockchain to deliver performance, protection and privacy. Their business model is organizing the power of Crowd to lead others in the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution: Improved value for all instead of the few.

This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of something bigger than bitcoin, amazon, or the dotcom era. It will transform the old business model into an equitable, sustainable, profitable environment for everyone, especially small businesses. I've joined a community of servant-leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners who are operating a blockchain ecosystem based on conscious, authentic, honest, transparent, philanthropic values, where security, equality, integrity, efficiency, value and collective success are the cornerstone of achievement.

Crowdpoint Technologies is reversing the neo-feudalism model and giving the power back to the small business majority. They’ve created an ecosystem that levels the playing field for micropreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses. They provide all of the tools, support, and knowledge to help your business thrive. They’ve developed a collaborative marketing strategy that gives everyone equal and equitable access to unlimited eager consumers looking to buy what you’re selling. I am part of a community of businesses that collaborate and cooperate with one another to ensure the prosperity of all. I get to sell and purchase quality, affordable products and services that are vetted and approved with the highest standards, on the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Are you starting to see what a blessing Crowdpoint Technologies are to this world?

Be part of something life changing and click here to learn more.


Bringing the Power back to the Small Businesses through Crowdpoint Technologies

Bringing the Power back to the Small Businesses through Crowdpoint Technologies

In today's world big corporations run the show. Corporate greed and corruption is the name of the game and the biggest monopolies are the only winners. Companies no longer value the people that labor for them. If you're not on top, you're expendable! Nothing is more important than the bottom line and shareholder earnings.

Employees and small businesses no longer have a chance to get ahead. Big data, big tech, big pharma, big government, and corporate conglomerates control the game, the wealth, and the world resources.

One company has set out to change all of that. Crowdpoint Technologies is reversing the neo-feudalism model and giving the power back to the small business majority.

What if there was an ecosystem where entrepreneurs and small businesses were provided all of the tools, support, and knowledge to compete with big business? What if there was a place where you were provided millions of eager consumers looking for exactly what you're selling? What if you were part of a community of businesses that collaborate and cooperate with one another to ensure the prosperity of all?

What would that be worth to you?
Don't wait another day to achieve the success and freedom you deserve. Click here to find out how you can become a part of this revolution.


Blockchain Sessions

Blockchain Sessions

To find out more about Blockchain and Crowdpoint Technologies, click HERE and watch the Blockchain Sessions featuring the CEO Sean O´brian-Brehm of Crowdpoint Technologies, explaining more in depth how this amazing business model is built.


With patients from 94 different countries, Dr Rashid A Buttar has been an outspoken advocate for Medical Truths “they” don’t want you to know! He was followed by millions all over the world until social media shut him down and de-platformed him, earning him the title of the world’s “most censored physician”! Now, you can join Dr. Buttar on iMedia, the most “censorship free” platform on the planet and learn the truth that has been hidden from you.


Join Dr. Lee Merritt, longstanding advocate for ethical patient-centered medicine. Dr. Merritt has fought for every patient’s right to medical freedom since 1997 - as a member and past president of the Association of American Physician and Surgeons. She continues to fight for your survival against the COVID Cartel.


Join Dr. Northrup, with participants all around the world, learn about the latest Advanced Medicine trends impacting our world today. Access 5 Hours of FREE content with an additional 50 Hours available for purchase.


INTERACTIVE MEDIA EXCHJoin Eileen Day McKusick researcher, inventor, writer, educator, and practitioner who has been studying the effects of audible acoustic sound on the human body since 1996. She is the originator of a unique sound therapy method called Biofield Tuning (formerly sound balancing) that uses tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and static in the biofield (human energy field/aura). She is the author of the book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy.ANGE


Join Leila Centner, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Centner Academy. A progressive, independent ‘happiness’ school that combines a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness. Discover her story as she presents a logical, reasonable and caring approach to to responding to the current COVID crisis.


Join Lois Laynee, a dynamic pioneer and passionate lecturer in the fields of Education, Sleep, Scar Release Healing, Cranio Facial Neuro development, and much more. In addition to heading the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™. By combining her decades of clinical experience with the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™, she offers support for clients at all stages of life.


Join homeopath and radio host Robert Scott Bell, with listeners of The Robert Scott Bell Show from all over the world. He’s been rockin’ the world with messages of health freedom and healing liberty since 1999. Banned by YouTube and Spotify, he brings the power to heal back where it belongs - with each and every one of you!


Join Sayer Ji, founder of - an evidence-based natural health resource used by every country in the world, and co-founder of the non-profit health rights organization, Stand for Health Freedom. Sayer is the author of the international best-selling book, “REGENERATE: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience through the New Biology.” (Hay Houuse, 2020) Sayer is also an outspoken advocate for health freedom, informed consent, and the benefits of natural alternatives.