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Updated by George Kaffi on Jul 14, 2022
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George's CrowdPoint Journey

My list of events surrounding the Advanced medicine exchange and CrowdPoint Cyber Privacy Exchange.


Why I am in CrowdPoint Technology?

Why I am in CrowdPoint Technology?

In today's era of technological advancement & revolution, every one of us knows how we can make intelligent decisions as things can change just over a single click. It is all about the fact that how things are going to be revolutionized soon. But the truth is the more there is technological innovation, the better there are chances to have the risk of security theft. This is all because both the hackers and intruders are also finding unique ways to get into your system. Without our consent, we are having the data being shared through intelligent devices.

Innovative technology is aimed at sharing confidential details to make money and get richer. But the case of blockchain is devoid of the fact. This makes each individual accountable for one's acts & doings while sharing in wealth to become a true community; it is one of the decentralized approaches existing at CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem. To get a remarkable change to the business model, maybe due to Artificial Intelligence techniques & to become unique, I am in CrowdPoint technology.

To harness mass movements & to get full power, the Blockchain architecture of CrowdPoint technology is so developed to achieve the purpose. Also, as a micropreneur, I am more able to seek new opportunities with the help of crowdsourcing of both the supply & demand.

The blockchain ecosystem at CrowdPoint technology aims to provide refined data that requires fewer efforts to have helpful information. It can be said that modern digital democracy is all about the provision of the distributed decentralized framework.

Guys, I'm so excited that I must share this LINK. So you can see things for yourselves.
I am so excited to be part of the Advanced Medicine Exchange. This is what I have always wanted. To learn more about medicine, in this case, advanced medicine, LINK.


My CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine Journey.......

My CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine Journey.......

Why I became a Micropreneur?

For a person like me, work means getting up at a particular time five days a week, having someone as boss, and getting the same consistent paycheck. Of course, you know exactly where you will work what you will be paid weekly or monthly has all its advantages, but I do believe there is a better way than this. The suggested route is Micropreneurship, i.e., becoming one's boss with more diversity & versatility.

I decided to become a microbusiness owner because of the potentials that come with it. However, it has its disadvantages too. I'll be the first to acknowledge that being a business owner comes with its challenges. However, if it is not about the financials, then a person who does not have the stamina to face the challenges can never be a good Micropreneur. In this regard, I feel blessed and honoured.
Being a Micropreneur gives me a unique way to run my business. While every Micropreneur is distinct, many would wake up every morning prepared to deal with or address anything that comes their way. I know as a Micropreneur that I must be committed and stay proactive at all times.

With regards to business, as a Micropreneur, I perceive myself to be multi-capable and versatile, showing certified flexibility in my abilities and interminable interests. Also, in contrast to conventional business visionaries, as a Micropreneur, I am not being fixated on the possibility of development at just incurring the costs. Instead of being mastered by someone else, I would like to remain in charge of my own time & the business. This position permits me to shift the administrations that exist and having the relevant adjustments to satisfy needs. In the role of Micropreneur, I am totally against developing the rapid movement, yet I regularly favour a slower way to deal with growing the size of my own business.

To feel helpless, despite the opportunities, is more shameful than trying to find the solution to a problem, at least. The major strength for being a micropreneur is hidden in trying to get rid of the issue, somehow. Also, working with a team of extraordinary people makes me realize how effective I have been in problem-solving & finding solutions. It's a sort of fantastic experience to rely on the people who have likely capabilities for resolving the issues. I have been doing it independently for the past years, so I am vital for my team.

If I am a micropreneur, I need not think & worry that I am alone because there are few chances to seek guidance. Planning is done effectively by taking the effective decisions away from the humans and the home-based office. However, due to high work expectations, I would love to put extra efforts into achieving the task-related goals & objectives.

For more information about the Advance Medicine Exchange, click on this LINK

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Blockchain Technology Explained by the Master himself (Sean O'Brien Brehm)......

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Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean...


My Story of becoming a Micropreneur

My Story of becoming a Micropreneur

The choice to be a micro-entrepreneur is not only about the work. Instead, it is more about the decision making & the option for the lifestyle. Choosing to be a micropreneur is one of the most significant decisions that helped me achieve maximum satisfaction due to the greater sense of fulfilment. It is based on how effectively I had to maintain the balance between both the work-life & private life. This e-blog about my story for becoming a micropreneur also depicts that I have adopted it as a profession to get peace in life with more abilities for effective decision making where I will be solely responsible for either the profit or the loss.
My name is George Kaffi, and I am from Ireland. Being fatigued from daily based 9 to 5 job, I decided to become a Micropreneur. I have made this decision during the pandemic, COVID-19. Also, it is based on my motivation to embrace the technology's revolutions in blockchain technology especially if I am the owner of a small-scale business i.e. Micro-entrepreneurship. Therefore, I am more realistic about accepting the reality and digging my way if there is a problem.

Blockchain Talk Session 3

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Teaching Your Immune System to Recognize Cancer and Eliminate it - Dr. Rashid Buttar

Teaching Your Immune System to Recognize cancer and Eliminate It - Dr. Rashid Buttar.


3rd Annual Advanced Medicine Conference

Blockchain Talk Session 8

Join tomorrow evening for Session 8" A new beginning for e-commerce. My guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm #BlockchainTalk #NewBeginning #Transparency