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My Amazing Journey into The 4th Industrial Revolution with CrowdPoint

As I begin my CrowdPoint journey, here's a list of events surrounding CrowdPoint, Cyber Privacy Exchange, and Advance Medicine Exchange.


Bertram Hill - USA |

I am a small business owner in the USA. I currently operate my own private company as a MicroPrenuer/Distributor with Crowdpoint along with other business interests. Visit my website.


Welcome to a new kind of digital platform that is emerging, called the Blockchain Exchange

Hi, I’m so super excited. I have a [LINK] I want to share.

Thank you, CrowdPoint Technologies, for making this simple to understand. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution. And it's just starting.


CrowdPoint Intelligent

Join CrowdPoint-Link

Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean...Link

CrowdPoint Technologies I Event Introduction

In a world where it is hard enough to strive and thrive each day, the dangers of Cyber Security and Privacy invasion should not be one of them. At CrowdPoint, we believe Privacy is a Human Right, join us to defend it.
Click on link

The Pete De La Torre Show... Episode 4

Featuring a National Line up of guests, including Sean O'Brien- Brehm, Founder & Chairmen of CrowdPoint Technologies and Bill Caskey, Best selling author of ...Link

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology.Link

Blockchain Talk Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and CrowdPoint Distributors. #Enpowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingFieldLink

Advanced Medicine | Dashboard

Discover The Cause Of 92% of ALL Deaths And Eliminate
Concern About 3 Of The Top 4 Killers In The Modern World
So You Can Live A Long, Healthy and “Worry-Free” Life!

I am a Platinum Distributor/Reseller with CrowdPoint Advanced Medicine and Cyber Privacy Marketplace

Bertram Hill is a Small Business owner. He currently operates his private company and is a MicroPrenuer/ Distributor with CrowdPoint Tech



CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecommerce

Global Sales Platform with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Powered Customer Matching System. Forget paying for ads and have unlimited leads sent to you automatically. All the tools you need for a successful online business in one easy to use package.Link

The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

A new kind of oppression has emerged. Big technology companies freely exchange human identity and use Surveillance Capitalism to create a human identity slave


Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution:

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution:

The Blockchain will be the most liberating movement in human history, for those who seize the




You can start by clicking on the link below:

You can start by clicking on the link below:
Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

My journey as a MicroPrenuer began over 25 years ago, and I have handled all the essential tasks for operating and expanding the businesses.

WHY become a MicroPrenuer?

  1. It allows me to be creative.
  2. It gives me independence.
  3. It affords me the freedom to build and sustain a successful small business.

I am a Distributor/Reseller with Advanced Medicine and the Cyber Privacy Marketplace operating in an emerging new digital platform called the Blockchain Ecosystem. I make money distributing and reselling products I love that will enhance your well-being while safeguarding the most precious asset of all History: The Human Identity. YOU


With 1,000's like-minded people joining CrowdPoint Marketplaces through its Blockchain Ecosystem and having the mindset of helping people control their health and privacy is fantastic. I am excited about the power of the CROWD with the same attitude to become Servant-Leaders truly.

Come along and join us on this incredible journey where we LIVE A RESULT and GIVE A RESULT. You can start by clicking here:TRUST THE JOURNEY

"Since the birth of the worldwide web, our data has become the new slave trade where our data is sold to the highest bidder and is held hostage by Big Tech. That’s changing. The CrowdPoint Blockchain digital platform allows our data ( the new oil) to be Decentralized and incentivizes the individual for its use. THAT IS REAL CHANGE. Taking back our digital identity and leveling the playing field. THAT IS FREEDOM. I am on the Advanced Medicine Marketplace because it’s the face of the revolution that is transforming medicine. It’s the mindset of like-minded Doctors/Practitioners who want to bring to the forefront the holistic approach of how we can heal our bodies without traditional medicine. The Advanced Medicine Marketplace will become the Blockchain model of the health industry. It will allow this process to begin by offering products/programs that will help heal the body naturally and acquire the right mindset to remove the root cause of illness and live a life full of life."GET STARTED


Blockchain Ecosystems Launch

Blockchain Ecosystems Launch


Eraj Akhtar

Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange

+1 (844) 972-1777



(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): CrowdPoint Technologies, Inc. ("CrowdPoint"), a Blockchain Ecosystem and Exchange provider, announced today the launch of its nextgen blockchain technology through its 11 sectors, public-private exchange strategy through the Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange ("BEX").

CrowdPoint's digital platform combines the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to create a shared services platform for decentralized exchanges and marketplaces. With international development teams across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asian perimeter, CrowdPoint's goal is to democratize data behind human identity.

"At CrowdPoint, we deliver nextgen blockchain technologies. For the average global citizen, blockchain can be confusing and bewildering. It must seem everyone is becoming a billionaire overnight. This is likely because of the noise around businesses and currency models that use blockchain," says Sean Brehm, the Chairman & CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies. "We at CrowdPoint felt we had to make it understandable. While the potential of blockchain is disruptive and revolutionary, we believe the current use of blockchain and the subsequent wealth creation resulting from its adoption is potentially flawed and unsustainable. Our approach is simple: drive improved e-commerce using big data and blockchain to create revenue first and worry about speculation later."

The company has spent the last year in stealth integrating 11 market sector exchanges with its shared services technologies - nextgen blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence. The shared services also include technologies that help small and medium-sized companies grow and compete like large enterprises. The company has deployed its web-based communication service that comes prepopulated with millions of ideal customer profiles. This feat is possible through a big data customer resource manager. Also included is a website builder that provides web hosting and design services. Users can quickly build their site while integrating directly into nextgen blockchain technology. The company has already onboarded over 1000 Distributors and Resellers to date. CrowdPoint helps them sell their products online on BEX.

CrowdPoint is passionate about the success of blockchain technology and views the current cryptocurrency hype as having the potential for similar pitfalls that caused the dot-com bubble.

The company created BEX to get "Left of Bang" and decrease the likelihood of another potential bust. Through a solid public-private blockchain-powered assembly of exchanges and marketplaces, CrowdPoint focuses on more efficient e-commerce.

For more information, you can visit the following links:

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Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which involve factors or circumstances that are beyond our control. Our actual results could differ materially from those stated or implied in forward-looking statements due to a number of factors, including but not limited to risks detailed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). You can locate those reports on our investor relations website ( or on the SEC website ( If the risks or uncertainties ever materialize or the assumptions prove incorrect, our results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, we assume no obligation and do not intend to update these forward-looking statements or to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations.

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