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Updated by Sharon on Aug 02, 2021
Headline for My Amazing Life Changing Journey on the Blockchain with CrowdPoint!
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My Amazing Life Changing Journey on the Blockchain with CrowdPoint!

This is a list of my adventures with CrowdPoint, Cyber Privacy Exchange and Advanced Medicine Exchange.

My Amazing Crowd Point Journey

Welcome to CrowdPoint Technologies. I'm so excited to be your Digital Shepherd! Here is a link I want to share with you to help you get started on your journey.

Welcome to Advanced Medicine

It is more important than ever, for those who understand, to come together to realize you are not alone and allow you to unite with others of like mindedness. Join today at Advanced Medicine.

My Incredible CrowdPoint Journey began with an Intention!

I set my intention to be part of the solution in today's world. Defend my constitutional rights, defend my right to choose health solutions that resonate with my mind/body/spirit & find something that would help secure my financial future. To be a part of something positive and with integrity. To not live in FEAR!!

Join CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Get ready for an amazing experience.

Now it’s your turn….
Imagine your Intentions for yourself and/or your family.  Are you ready to see them come to fruition?  Are you ready to merge, set yourself free and make the change the world is waiting for?  If your answer is YES, I and the CrowdPoint Team are here to help you get started today. 

I am your Digital Shepherd!

When my customers buy from me, I give them an added service; I onboard them onto the Blockchain for free. In this process, they can authorize their own digital Identity made by them for them.

My customers and I both win. I get to help others learn about Advanced Medicine approaches (Hello! How fantastic is that?), and they get a chance to protect their privacy.


The Advanced Medicine Exchange Mission

The Advanced Medicine Exchange Mission

Read more about the Advanced Medicine Exchange Mission within the CrowdPoint Ecosystem.

Why Choose CrowdPoint? Because it is AMAZING!

CrowdPoint is Your Trusted Agent In An Untrusted World. With all the crazy cryptocurrency discussion out there with BitCoin and Etherium and so many other things - I started doing some reading. I discovered beyond the Hype - the real opportunity is the value of the Blockchain and not just speculation. Thank you CrowdPoint Technologies for making this simple to understand. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution. And it's just starting.


Learning about the Blockchain

Learning about the Blockchain

I’m excited to share a 13 week series on the Blockchain.

Also, check out this article on the Forbes Website. The Company that is building the digital platform is CrowdPoint Technologies.

Sound the Spirit. Truth & Victory.

If not YOU then who? CrowdPoint Technologies is a unique opportunity to change and evolve in order to move forward in this Global shift. CrowdPoint is the ‘Digital Warrior’ using the Blockchain Ecosystem and we become the Light, the ‘Digital Army’, leading the way into the 4th Industrial Revolution! Be unique! Be the Light. Join me, your Digital Shepherd, on a journey to give Power back to your Human Identity!

The Advanced Medicine Exchange

It is your right to choose what products you put in and on your body. Choose organic, safe,& vetted products. You vibrate at a higher frequency when you do business with The Advanced Medicine Exchange and that matters! Join me, your Digital Shepherd, on a journey to give Power back to your Human Identity!

What is Blockchain? Simply Explained by a 15-Year-Old | by Abhimanyu Bhargava | The Startup | Jun, 2021 | Medium

Here is blockchain explained in simple language. Love this article especially the last paragraph. This is why I am so excited about CrowdPoint Technologies and the Advanced Medicine Exchange.