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Top 05 Guiyang Attractions – Must-visit Sites That Will Inspire Awe

A city known for its incredible natural scenery and historical attractions, Guiyang offers travellers enriching adventures in China. For those planning a holiday here, these are some of the main attractions worth visiting and which will provide key insights into the area's heritage too.


Qianling Park

Nature lovers will be enthralled on a visit to Qianling Park which spans an expansive 1,000 acres and features picturesque lakes, lush forest greenery and age-old temples set amidst pure mountain air. Within this site, is Qianling Mountain from which the park gets its name. One of the main places of interest here is the idyllic Qianling Lake which provides a scenic backdrop to the surrounding pavilions. When visiting this park, you can also head to the ancient Hongfu Temple, Guizhou province's largest Zen Buddhist temple as well as Macaque Garden home to over 500 macaques!


Huangguoshu Falls

Amongst the most breathtakingly beautiful natural sites in Guiyang, the Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of Asia's largest waterfalls. It is located in the Anshun area and can be visited on excursions from local hotels and resorts including the Guiyang property of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. You can expect to see the stunning sight of water cascading different levels to pools of emerald waters; there are three vantage points to see the falls be it from below, for a wide view or from above. Also of interest is the Water Curtain Cave situated behind the waterfall.


Xijiang Miao Village

The Xijiang Miao Village is one of the best Guiyang attractions to visit to experience traditional local culture. This charming site can be found on Leigong Hill and is the country's largest Miao village. Also known as the 'thousand-household village', it features distinctive wooden stilted houses built on the slopes surrounded by enchanting natural scenery and paddy fields. When here, you can also take in what are called Wind and Rain Bridges, enjoy visits to the Miao Nationality Museum and watch local performances that showcase traditional dancing and singing.


Jiaxiu Tower

Above the Nanming River, you will find Jiaxiu Tower on the Fuyu Bridge; made from wood, this three-tiered tower is also known as the First Scholar's Tower and in days of old was a site that drew many intellectuals who came here to study. Considered one of the city's symbols, the tower originally dated to the Ming Dynasty though has undergone several renovations since then. It features a striking appearance with its engraved windows and green tiles and is lit up at night which is a wondrous sight to behold; those heading inside and to the top will be rewarded by fantastic vistas of the area.



A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Fanjingshan lies in Guizhou Province's Wuling Mountain Range. It rises to an altitude that ranges from 500 to over 2,500 metres above sea level and is home to rich biodiversity with endemic flora and fauna. Amongst the best things to do in Guizhou is to make your way to the summit of Fanjing Mountain known for its fascinating rock outcroppings and dramatic precipices. Of note, are the Old Golden Summit with its stunning panoramas and attractions like the Mushroom Stone as well as the New Golden Summit (or Red Clouds Golden Peak); the latter is home to two temples, perched over 2,300 metres above the ground.