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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 14, 2021
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The Best Traditional Dishes in Seychelles – Delectable Culinary Treats

While Seychelles is famed for its pristine beaches, don't forget this is also one of the best destinations for some foodie adventures! Due to multicultural influences, the nation boasts some truly diverse and distinct traditional dishes and here are a few that are well worth trying.


Satini Rekin

Starting things off is a rather unique dish that consists mainly of shark meat which is used to make a kind of chutney. The shark meat is boiled and then mashed along with various other ingredients including the bilimbi fruit (which is quite sour), fried onions, lime juice and different spices. The resulting culinary creation is on occasion served with shredded green papaya and is usually eaten with rice and other dishes; it is sometimes even used for samosas since it makes a yummy filling.


Grilled Fish

A popular dish, grilled fish is prepared throughout Seychelles be it at homes or restaurants in Mahe. Since the country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, there is no shortage of fish that is freshly prepared for this grilled seafood delight. Bourzwa (red snapper) and kordonnyen (rabbitfish) are amongst the popular fish varieties that are chosen, though jackfish, parrotfish and sailfish are some of the other species that are grilled as well. To provide the unique flavour, a marinade consisting of chilli, garlic, ginger and lemon juice is used and once prepared, the fish is generally eaten with rice.


Local Curries

Hot and spicy curries are a must-try when on holiday here and they offer flavour-filled experiences that will make you want second helpings! A popular curry is kari koko zourit which consists of octopus; it is cooked in coconut milk, while ingredients like eggplant, garlic, cinnamon leaves, ginger and curry powder are added though each home will have various styles and methods. Of course, you get other curry dishes as well and those staying at properties such as Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas can look forward to savouring those made with fish, other seafood, chicken or veggies.


Bouillon Brede

Fans of soup and healthy veggie meals will love trying bouillon brede which utilises greens. Prepared similarly to spinach, this well-known soup in Seychelles can feature greens such as choy sum, Chinese lettuce or bok choy. After being cut, the selected greens are cooked in a broth that consists of ginger, stir-fried onions, garlic and various seasonings and herbs. In order to give the dish a spicy kick, crushed chillies are sometimes added as well.



Last and by no means least is ladob which is a popular dessert though you do get a savoury version too. Those who have a sweet tooth should definitely try the dessert variety which is made by boiling cassava or plantains along with sugar, vanilla and nutmeg in coconut milk. The resulting dish has a creamy texture while also being tender and is worth sampling. For a different taste altogether, try the savoury version too which is made by boiling cassava, plantains, nutmeg and salt in coconut milk.