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Top 5 Cham Towers in Binh Dinh - Travel guide!

Binh Dinh is a popular attraction for tourists interested in learning more about the enigmatic Cham history, as seven Cham towers have been designated as Vietnam National Heritage. Let's take a quick look at some of the popular ones.


Binh Lam Tower

Binh Lam Tower is among the first Cham towers, and it is situated in the Tuy Phuoc district. It was constructed between the ending of the tenth and the start of the eleventh centuries. The tower is 20 metres tall with three tiers and is known for its ornaments that reflect the Cham culture's architectural style. The tower's main gate faces west and is made entirely of Cham bricks. Binh Lam's false gate, with its spear-shaped arches, is one of the city's most distinctive features. When combined with other details such as the absence of ornaments on the walls and modern decoration patterns, Cham historians regard Binh Lam to be a precursor to the flourishing of Binh-Dinh culture.


Banh It Tower (or the Silver Tower)

Banh It Tower is currently a group of 4 towers situated on a hill in Binh Dinh's Tuy Phuoc district. It was constructed between the end of the eleventh and the start of the twelfth century. Banh It refers to a type of regional rice cake in the form of an oddly shaped corner hat, which resembles how the locals see this tower from a distance. The French, on the other hand, dubbed it the Silver Tower. Each of the group's towers has its own unique function and design. Besides, when booking accommodation, make sure it's at a centrally located place in the city to get around easily. For instance, you can check out recommendations of hotels in Quy Nhon on pages like Quy Nhon Coastal Escape.


Phu Loc Tower (or the Golden tower)

The Phu Loc tower is situated on the crest of a small hill in Quy Nhon. Tourists who visit this tower can also take in a breathtaking view of An Nhon and the Phu Cat districts' vast grasslands. Phu Loc is yet another Cham tower that better exemplifies the Binh Dinh architectural theme. In 1995, the tower was designated as a National Heritage.


Thap Doi Tower ( or the Twin Tower or Hung Thanh Tower)

Due to the well-known Khmer influence, the architecture of the Thap Doi tower is stated to be reminiscent of Angkor Wat. This may be the product of the two Khmer occupations in the Champa region. Thap Doi's twin towers, located in Quy Nhon City, have angled pyramid-shaped roofs. The bigger tower has 3 false doors and one main door that faces the cardinal directions.


Canh Tien Tower

The ruined Do Ban citadel in Binh Dinh's An Nhon district houses the Canh Tien fortress. It is one of the traditional Binh Dinh architectural style buildings, dating from the 12th century. The use of sandstone for pilasters and the roof edges is one of Canh Tien's distinguishing features. The four-story tower stands 20 metres tall. Stone phoenix tail motifs can be seen at the 4 corners of each storey of the place.