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Updated by Aniko Takacs on May 27, 2022
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Here are some life-changing opportunities that will help the crowd to build a better future, where every single person matters. Find out more about the Blockchain Ecosystem, Cyber Security Exchange and Advanced Medicine Marketplace powered by world's fastest NextGen blockchain technology.

The opportunity of our time

Do you believe that we create our future? Can you imagine that you can gain financial freedom while you are helping others to live in prosperity and rewrite our history at the same time? At the Blockchain Ecosystem powered by CrowdPoint that is what we all strive for. We are building a new type of sharing economy system that is leveling the playing field. A system where everyone matters.


How I became a micropreneur at CrowdPoint Technologies

How I became a micropreneur at CrowdPoint Technologies

These true warriors guided us to have the right mindset and introduced the revolutionary opportunity of the Blockchain Ecosystem, powered by blockchain, and showed us the way how we can help ordinary people to take control over their lives back to their own hands.


How I became a micropreneur at CrowdPoint Technologies part 2

How I became a micropreneur at CrowdPoint Technologies part 2

This is how I joined the Advanced Medicine Marketplace at the Blockchain Ecosystem to become a micropreneur, while I did not even understand a thing about the blockchain, but I could sense the good heart of our CEO, Sean, and the higher purpose behind his business endeavors.

Building a sharing economy system

We are building a sharing economy system with him, his outstanding team, and thousands of incredible people from all around the world, where we can stand up for our human rights, claim back the control over our human identity, help others with unique, high-quality products of Advanced Medicine Marketplace and gain financial freedom at the same time.


Building a fair new world with CrowdPoint

Building a fair new world with CrowdPoint

Take action! Follow your heart and intuitions. Be a trusted agent in an untrusted world. Join the crowd at the Blockchain Ecosystem and make a difference. Free yourself from the enslavement of the system and become a servant leader yourself. Because together we can manifest the change... We can lead humanity out to the Light and build a fair and beautiful new World we are all dreaming of.


My life-changing opportunity at CrowdPoint

My life-changing opportunity at CrowdPoint

I have never really been motivated by money, until the moment I realized the importance of having the means to be able to take independent actions for myself and lead others out of the darkness. At that point in my life, I came across two beautiful servant leaders from the Blockchain Ecosystem from Advanced Medicine Marketplace.

Live your dream

"Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams; live the life you've imagined." - Henry David Thoreau

CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecommerce

Business owners can now choose a more equitable and profitable business model. One that protects all participants with each transaction being rewarded with actual physical silver. Visit the Blockchain Ecosystem for more info.

Let's get loud about protecting those in need.

If you are driven by a higher purpose just as much as we are, come and join us at the Blockchain Ecosystem. Find out more about our new sharing ecosystem based on blockchain technology here. Also, visit Advanced Medicine Marketplace and learn more about how you can support your health on a mind, body and soul level.


The new paradigm in Business

The new paradigm in Business

CrowdPoint means a new paradigm in business, and I tell you why:
Core values & commitment
Right intentions & mindset
Optimism & kindness
Wonderful leadership
Distribution of wealth model
Protection of privacy and integrity
Openness & generosity
Innovative solutions
New paradigm in business
Technology in the service of Humanity

Get passionate about your health - Advanced Medicine Exchange

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace is here to:
~Protect the Physical Autonomy
~Defend spiritual sovereignty
~Empower individual minds with information & knowledge
~Prevent mankind from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!
Find out more about CrowdPoint Technology here


Be part of the change - join a mission!

Be part of the change - join a mission!

CrowdPoint is building several exchanges on blockchain technology. Advanced Medicine Marketplace mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies to democratize healing.

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Watch these amazing series of Blockchain Talks with Pete de La Torre, hosting it together with our beloved servant leader Sean Brehm, CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies. If you are interested how CrowdPoint has begun to change people's lives with its newly emerging sharing ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, this is definitely a must watch!!!

A Company with a Cause - CrowdPoint Technologies

Would you rather support a company driven by a cause, that values its partners and customers and takes good care about giving back, or a company that only cares about maximizing profit? CrowdPoint is building a transparent eCommerce platform powered by blockchain where human identity - our most precious asset -, and all our transactions remain protected. More about CrowdPoint here

CrowdPoint Technologies Blockchain NexGen Exchange Opportunities

Learn more about these fantastic opportunities via this link.

Blockchain Talk Session 8

How eCommerce can utilize the power of blockchain? What is a Decentralized ID and how you can have one? Learn more about it by watching this video or visit the Advanced Medicine Marketplace.

Revolutionary Healthcare Exchange Seeks to Optimize Global Supply Chains -- CrowdPoint Technologies Unveils HSX to De...

If you don't have your health, you don't have anything. For many Americans, the price of healthcare continues to put pressure on their wallets. An Austin-based startup seeks to change all that with its revolutionary Healthcare Sector Exchange (HSX), a blockchain-enabled marketplace for medical equipment and supplies. Find out more here or read press release linked to the title of this post.