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Updated by Sofia on Jun 28, 2023
Headline for My awesome Journey with Blockchain Ecosystem! BlockChain Power Inside!
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My awesome Journey with Blockchain Ecosystem! BlockChain Power Inside!

Come and follow my awesome journey with the Blockchain Ecosystem, Cyber Security Marketplace and Advanced Medicine Marketplace! All great things are happening with new era of cyberprivacy. This is 4th industrial revolution! This is a Blockchain Inside!


iframely: Upgrade & Amplify with CrowdPoint Technologies

Teaser! This is powerful, come and See what amazing things we have HERE . Also new Advanced Medicine Marketplace is opening soon!


So why did I choose CrowdPoint?

So why did I choose CrowdPoint?

After completing my education and having a long career as a mom, I saw that it is time to do something else in life too. So I tried my wings, but the world slammed door to my face, it did not value the years I spent raising my children..

And so it happened, the nerves in my hand got damaged from all the twisting of the rags as a cleaner in car repair shops and being a housekeeper for many years. I had the carpal tunnel syndrome, the doctor said. No, that is not what I wanted... It was my birthday . What a birthday gift dear God and God, you really knew what would be the best for me, as like Moses was in the basket floating in the river, God was his protection and shadow. God knew his destiny would be great, but he needed to float that river first... So here I was, floating in my river taking God as my keeper as He would deliver me, but little I knew.


Why I chose Crowdpoint?

Why I chose Crowdpoint?

I had been thinking about being an entrepreneur for years, every now and then I was thinking how it would be so nice to be an entrepreneur. My father had a small business, long time ago and I always thought,: ``What if I could do the same?" I have thought that it would be great to sell, to do, invest. Maybe hire others, be an awesome supervisor!

At CrowdPoint they did not slam my face, they embraced me and welcomed me with honor, no matter what my background was, as long as I had dedication and will. That is why I chose them, CrowdPoint is a rare gem in the world we are living in. They are on the side of the "little guys", just like me and many of us, the MicroPreneurs, the "common guy".

The power of blockchain will level the field for us, taking Wall Street to Main Street. Blockchain, NFT, Big Data Analytics, it has been like learning a totally new language, foreign alphabets,  it might sound all strange and difficult, much like it was when the dotCom came, the internet, but in few years it became a common language that most of the people in the world now talks with ease. So will be the blockchain and everything that revolves around it. It will be the 4th Industrial revolution. As our servant leader Sean Brehm says: "Leaders eat last." And that is why I joined the Blockchain Ecosystem.

iframely: The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

CrowdPoint's charter is to empower the microprenuer who own Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.

If you want to learn more . . . contact us.


Servant Leaders Eat Last

Servant Leaders Eat Last

Our servant leader Sean Brehm says: "Leaders eat last." And that is why I joined the Blockchain Ecosystem. Check out Advanced Medicine Marketplace too!




This is our amazing journey together, towards leveling the business field for the small guys! Taking Wall Street to Main street. We have great news, have a LOOK what I am talking about.

Blockchain is not same as Bitcoin! Then what is it? See this LINK too!

Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1

Part 1 of Session 5 featuring 6 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. This session is so amazing and educative!

BlockChain Talk Session 5 Part 2

Part 2 of Session 5 featuring 4 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. My ... This interview is mind blowing and so educative!

Blockchain Talk Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and Blockchain Ecosystem Distributors.

I am here giving my few words too of why I became a micropreneur and what this awesome blockchain means to me! Check THIS out #Enpowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingField

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology. Join us in YouTube and see what the world is talking about! BlockChain powered Crowdpoint's ecosystem will change the world and the future is here!

Sofia Bojang - USA |

I am The Blockchain Ecosystem Distributor. Check what amazing things we have for you, you can get there: Visit the website.


I am so exited of this year 2021, future of OUR privacy is here, let's step ahead and see what is it!

Blockchain Talk Session 2

Session 2 of Blockchain Talk:Special Guest Greg Fitzgerald , CEO & Chairman of Cyber Force Security, LLC and Co-Founder of Savco Security My Co-Host is Sean... Check THIS out!

Blockchain Talk Session 4

"Decentralized Identifiers", your opportunity to protect and maximize YOUR identity! Our special guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm, Founder of CrowdPoint Technologies.

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

What is a blockchain and how do they work? I'll explain why blockchains are so special in simple and plain English! Check out our blockchain-powered ecosystem!

See me at • Instagram

Welcome to Instagram. Check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world. Look what is happening NOW CrowdPoint Technologies is here!


Advanced Medicine Exhange

Advanced Medicine Exhange

Privacy is now taken to a new next level, defend your spiritual sovereignty and Empower your individual mind! Your health is important and so is your most valuable asset, your identity and your data. Check us out! Look at this too :)


What is CrowdPoint Technologies

What is CrowdPoint Technologies

CrowdPoint is a Blockchain Ecosystem Digital Platform provider powered by Big Data, AI, and Compaction technologies.

CrowdPoint recognizes that a great online strategy is important and wants to provide you with the tools to make you successful!

Welcome to join!


Decentralized Identity

Decentralized Identity

Our mission is to blur the line between Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Compaction, and BlockChain Technologies to Defend, Democratize and deliver Dividends to the Human Identity!


Some toughts on the progress with Blockchain Ecosystem

Some toughts on the progress with Blockchain Ecosystem

I am humbly amazed by this Company of CrowdPoint! I have never seen such a leadership, with so much wisdom, patience, foreseeing, and genuinely working for the betterment of humanity! We haven't really even started yet and yet, my mind is already tuned to total success and trusting the progress. For sure I have to work hard for this success, but CrowdPoint is making everything so easy! With them, even if you don't know much, you will soon, as they will teach you how to fish, how to hunt! For the sake of your Human Identity, join us, join the ride of the century! Join the 4th Industrial Revolution!

iframely: The Blockchain will defeat Neo Feudalism

Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism. More and more, big corporations are taking control of cultures and individuals through money, policies, practices, and surveillance capitalism to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private lives.

Beyond the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time variables today, a new kind of oppression has emerged.

Big Technology Companies freely exchange the Human Identity are using surveillance capitalism to create a human identity slave trade.

Suppose the current digital revolution is characterized as a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines. In that case, it should also be transformative in how the Human Identity is emancipated from the current identity slave trade is happening today.

CrowdPoint's charter is to empower the microprenuer who own Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.

The good news is that four unique technologies will lead to the fourth industrial revolution when in the right hands.

Combining these four technologies makes up the necessary technological ingredients to create digital platforms operating in an emerging technological ecosystem.

Today, the convergence of several technology megatrends is working together in a rare and unique singularity.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Compaction technologies combined with a distributed ledger will assist business decision-makers in contributing to the emerging sharing economy.

When integrated correctly, these technologies will usher in radically new business models.

If you want to learn more . . . contact us.


Welcome to CrowdPoint, Advanced Medicine!

Welcome to CrowdPoint, Advanced Medicine!

A new kind of digital platform is emerging and it is called a Blockchain exchange. An exchange is extremely smart, fully autonomous, hyper-connected, integrated horizontally and vertically, while remaining fully decentralized and broad-based. But what do these words mean? Have a look at Advanced Medicine Marketplace!.


Esports coming soon!

Esports coming soon!

Our own Esports games are coming soon. I am so excited about this, my one dream was to be a Esport gamer! I will definitely enjoy watching :) In the meanwhile, check out what we have for you!

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