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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Great Things to Do in Kandy – Time to explore the hill country

The city of Kandy is filled with activities and history in every corner, hidden atop mountains or inside old buildings that have been around for centuries. The second-largest city in Sri Lanka constantly offers visitors beautiful landscapes as well!


Enjoy the Botanical Gardens

With a stunning spectrum of fauna and flora, this beautiful landmark is called the Royal Botanical Gardens of Kandy. With close to 4000 or more species of plants and tree, it is a truly remarkable experience to be able to walk across this spectacular landmark. One of the favourite pass times of those visiting is to enjoy the calm ambience by laying down a big sheet and settling in to watch the day pass.
Keep in mind that the entry fee is roughly 10USD so be sure to spend your time well during your visit as this is a little bit on the pricey side.


Walkthrough Kandy

The Kandy city itself is a sprawling metropolis. With a huge density of buildings and long winding roads, the traffic is always pushing its way through the streets while people make a frantic pace along the sidewalks. The city offers much to the watchful and is a true delight to explore. From the hidden away marketplaces to the old stores that have been witness to many decades of life in the city.
If you are staying in a resort in Kandy such as the Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy the best plan would be to get a start on your city walk in the morning to avoid getting caught in the hectic atmosphere and the heat that comes with the middle of the day.


The Lion Rock

Also referred to as Sigiriya, this is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites that Sri Lanka is most well known for. An ancient castle and fortress built atop a massive rock are a must-visit during your time in the country. Make your itinerary so that you can avoid the crowds and potentially be at the top of the fortress just in time for the stunning rises in the area.
If you want to just view Sigiriya as a part of the landscape, the best place to go would be the Pidurangala Rock located a couple of kilometres away providing a brilliant viewing point.


Visit the ancient palace

Being close to over 200 years has not made the palace of the last kingdom of Sri Lanka look any less impressive. With expansive gardens, a multitude of different facilities and section that are reserved for royalty, many people spend hours walking through the halls of this establishment.
Additionally, this is also the place where a tooth relic of the Buddha is placed and this makes it a major global attraction for devout Buddhists as well.


Take the train to Ella

While this may take you away from Kandy city, the train to Ella is an attraction in its own right. This four-hour journey is likely to show you some of the best views in the country as you make your way up through the mountains and valleys.

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