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Updated by R. A. on Oct 16, 2021
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My CrowdPoint Journey

A list of events leading to me joining CrowdPoint's Advanced Medicine and Cyber Privacy Exchanges

CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 1)

A transaction of $68.79 was made at (insert pizza place). Was this you? Reply YES to authorize or NO to decline.

In the midst of COVID lockdowns, I received this text message on a Friday night from my (former) bank. I logged into my checking account and found out that earlier that day, there were two bigger transactions made at companies I had never heard of. Frightened, I rummaged through my purse looking for my debit card thinking I had lost it, yet there it was -- safe and sound.....


CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 2)

CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 2)

I locked my card thinking it would prevent any further transactions and called the number on the back. Over the course of several weeks, I fought to get my money back. I talked to dozens of customer service representatives over the phone, each one telling me something different. I was told to prove that it wasn’t me who made the transactions even though the bank knew it couldn’t have possibly been me....


CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 3)

CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 3)

After filing complaints with the FBI and FTC, talking to dozens of customer service representatives, and threatening to expose the bank on social media for their Claims Department and Fraud Prevention Team’s negligence and poor service, I was finally fully refunded.

I endured several weeks of gut-wrenching stress knowing that the bank I had entrusted with my money was not on my side and my information had been compromised. The worst part is cybercrime is on the rise and the same thing can happen to you...

CrowdPoint To The Rescue (Part 4)

When I heard about CrowdPoint Technologies’ commitment to cyber privacy and protecting the human identity, I knew I had to join the team. The stress and fear of not knowing who has access to your most valuable information compelled me. Now, I can live peacefully knowing that my online identity is secured by Blockchain technology and help others protect themselves

Becoming a part of the Advanced Medicine Marketplace was an added benefit. As a public health major and a firm believer in holistic health, I believe in the products AMM provides. My family has been following AMM’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Buttar, for years. Any medical advice he gives or products he recommends is definitely something worth looking into.