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Updated by Bichelle Harrison on Feb 05, 2022
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Bichelle's World of Possibilities with CrowdPoint

Documenting My Personal Journey with CrowdPoint's Cyber Privacy Exchange on the Blockchain Ecosystem and its Advanced Medicine Health Exchange. Watch my progress in becoming a successful micropreneur. Ladies and Gentlemen, the best is yet to come...


My Advanced Medicine Health Journey with CrowdPoint

I am uber excited to share my personal journey with you about the endless possibilities that CrowdPoint’s Blockchain Ecosystem and its Advanced Medicine Health Exchange has to offer and why I decided to join them. They say the good guys finish last. That is far from the truth. In this case, during one of the most unstable times in our country, the good guys were busy creating a stable digital foundation in an unstable world to protect the human identity from constantly being exploited. CrowdPoint created one of the fastest and most secure blockchain foundations on the market. Using an iron-clad Compaction Technology, it’s Vogon Blockchain performs 20x's the amount of transactions processed per second, out performing the fastest declared blockchains on the market. In other words, this new cipher-protected technology is basically Ethereum on steroids. The Vogon Blockchain only requires a mere 1% energy consumption used by Bitcoin, which not only makes it the fastest on the market, but also one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains in the world. So why did a self-employed massage therapist like me decide to join this Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange you ask?

During the 2020 crisis many individuals lost their jobs and lives were brutally disrupted without enough public warning. As a hard working self-employed individual my revenue declined by more than 80% in three months time. Even though I appreciated the time to relax I had no additional streams of income and massage therapy was my only source of income for over 10 years. As I sat on my couch and reflected on my life and the lack of control I had with the uncertainty of being able to financially support myself once the emergency funds were depleted. I vowed to never allow for governing powers to dictate the success or fate of my financial future. I prayed and asked the Creator for direction and to open up avenues for me. I began to look outside of my current practice and to test different avenues and fields that I was not privy to and went from educating and testing my skills on day trading to making my own lotion in my kitchen, to looking at YouTube videos until I was fixed on a Wholistic doctor who is presently the Chief Medical Director at the Centers for Advanced Medicine, Dr. Buttar, (private invite code to enter is 113083) who was able to tell me by using their AHEAD map what my body went through a few years prior without even meeting me. My own traditional, holistic and homeopathic doctors had no clue as to what was happening to me in 2018. I will tell you more about how my immune system was compromised and how I healed myself in another blog post.

As a Wholistic Licensed Massage Therapist at The It Girl Massage Therapy, I am very passionate about natural healthcare remedies and share them with my clients on a one to one basis. So when I heard about how the Advanced Medicine Health Exchange and how it protected the privacy of their patients and how the exchange went above and beyond to vet each product on their BEX Marketplace to maintain the quality of each product that is on their Utilizing the purest ingredients with no GMO’s, phthalates, sulfates and chemicals harmful to mankind. Our common interest about the care and concern about what people are introducing into their body systems and how to get to the root cause of each issue led me into becoming a distributor on this innovative CrowdPoint Blockchain Exchange (CBEX) sector. As this Blockchain Ecosystem has helped me to create multiple opportunities for my financial success, I also want to help you to create additional streams of income for you and your family to protect you from relying on government programs which gives individuals very little to maintain his or her household.

Our (When you join you also become part owner) Blockchain Ecosystem Community empowers the every day person as a micropreneur to create real avenues and not just hope and skepticism to increase your wealth in the event of another financial crisis. Giving you the power to design your own successful outcome instead of relying on others for handouts. There is a difference between good and evil and as the world moves to the digital systems the blockchain that you choose to identify with has to have your best interest in mind and see you as human, having real value and uniquely designed as the Creator has made you to be, to live, to work and to trade with one another with keeping the individual sacred. That is why I chose CrowdPoint’s Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange (CBEX) and the Advanced Medicine Health Exchange (AMHEX) and I would like to share these treasures with you today. Click here if you would like more information on how to join our cause as an individual, distributor or reseller.