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Updated by Sandy Walton on Jun 13, 2022
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Sandy's Incredible CrowdPoint Journey with DISRUPTIVE Technology

This is a list of my events, learnings and amazing offerings with CrowdPoint Technologies, the Advanced Medicine Exchange and the Cyber Privacy Exchange. Starting at the beginning and beyond. I look forward to connecting with you!

Please comment and let me know what makes sense to you or what you need clarification on and start here with your decentralized ID.

Thank you and I appreciate you!


My EYE OPENING CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine Exchange Journey

Why am I here with this innovative and powerful company called CrowdPoint Technologies?

Well, this last year I learned what was really happening in the world and I was shocked! The basic freedoms we thought were given and enjoyed on a daily basis were ripped away and this horror is happening globally.

We are being exploited and lied to and stolen from without our knowledge just by the everyday things we do. It is called surveillance capitalism and it is evil to the core!

I realized I WAS THE PRODUCT! They sell your data to the highest bidder or to anyone buying!

I found out about the incredibly powerful vision of a company, CrowdPoint Technologies through a trusted mentor and without even understanding what I was doing, jumped in with open arms. I could feel the integrity of the owners in my soul and have not looked back. It’s a kind of trust that grows everyday just by the interaction and support they give us.

It is everything to me to be a part of the solution to get our Human Identity, our fundamental right to privacy, back. I have a passion for helping people and this is a way I can, on a global scale and I cannot wait to share and teach! I am ALL IN!

How are they doing this?

Well, to start, we use the blockchain system where the playing field gets leveled or is equal to all. We provide a safe space to buy what you need and not have to worry about someone stealing your information and data that is private to you. A sovereign right for all. You give your permission IF you want to sell your data and you are a part of it and will benefit from it. Just by purchasing, you get a decentralized ID and you will be on your way to your own GOD given power!

In one of the exchanges, The Advanced Medicine Exchange, we have fully vetted, and hand-picked products specially designed for your best health in mind. I am in this one because of my passion for health and my knowledge of how corrupt the mainstream medical system is.

If your heart is telling you to jump in with us, I am here to support you, 100%.

To find out more about our incredible ecosystem click here.

Short Version of Why I am Here with CrowdPoint Technologies

Why would a grandma of one, mother of two, wife and mom of two fur babies start something new?

If you have been paying attention over the last year, you know how crazy our world is right now. There is something that is just fundamentally wrong! I am sure you feel it, too.

What if I told you that there is a company that is creating a solution to change the world and make it a better place for all. Developing an equal playing field for small business by creating clarity and transparency for all.

The company is CrowdPoint Technologies and they have a passionate vision that I am fully vested in. Not only are they creating a powerful ecosystem where your privacy and data is protected, but they are also tackling issues that are dear to my heart, Child and Human Trafficking.

They are creating decentralized IDs just by shopping in our privacy protected blockchain environment and they want to be able to identify all children so they can be rescued and be safe and loved.

This is just one small way for me I am going to help this evil world challenge.

Come with me to make a difference with CrowdPoint Technologies!

My Personal Contribution on a Panel...Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1

This was Part 1 of Session 5 featuring 6 personal stories on how Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world.

I was honored to be a part of this discussion with the founder, and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, Sean Brehm hosted by Pete de la Torre. Be sure to check out Pete's You Tube page to see the other incredible and eye opening personal stories!

Find out more info about our company and how to be a part of this revolution HERE.


Achieving an Abundant Mindset and tapping into the Advanced Medicine Exchange

Achieving an Abundant Mindset and tapping into the Advanced Medicine Exchange

This year has been a doozy as far as emotional balance. I have been all over the place when it comes to this unprecedented time in our lives. One minute I am happy and energetic and the next, I need a nap!

I am grateful because I am connected to and personally working with the number one censored doctor in the world, Dr. Rashid Buttar. He not only helps me create and sustain my abundant mindset, but introduced me to a company where I have hope and can be a part of a solution to all this nonsense going on in the world. He is not afraid of speaking out. I so resonate with that! Learning from him gives me the strength to come back to my Abundant Mindset.

Dr. Buttar does not allow any low frequency vibrations or people that are negative into his space. I really respect that because being an empath as I am, I pick up on whatever is not only directly around me, but all of the infinite negative energies globally. I remember to protect my precious energetic boundaries.

There are many ways to create an Abundant Mindset. One way is to stop using language that has negative power over you. I use words that create positive vibrations, such as gratitude, peace and love. You might have heard of Dr. Emoto's study of water and how it changes based on thoughts alone. He found that the frozen water in the glass when you had a negative thoughts such as "HATE" would always have a molecular structure that was ugly and chaotic. On the other hand, the glass where you think of a word like "LOVE" would have a beautiful, organized molecular pattern that created gorgeous geometric shapes and patterns. I write positive words on my drinking water glass and think beautiful thoughts.

Breathing is also a main way to stay in the moment get out of the non-abundant emotions such as fear.

Another way I feel more empowered is because of a new company that is working directly with Dr. Buttar, CrowdPoint Technologies. They have global vision creating an ecosystem based on protecting human identity, privacy and giving you back your personal power. I am very excited to be a part of this because I have big goals to change the world and help with the evil human/child trafficking. I have faith that the abundance created with this ecosystem will give me the ability to contribute to more humanitarian projects.

I am just a small part of the puzzle, but together we all come together to create a major impact. The company owner and CEO, Sean Brehm, truly has a servant leader mentality and always treats everyone with respect and integrity. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling when he shares with us his vision and when he teaches us how to help build this dream.

The [Advanced Medicine Exchange] is just one of many exchanges being offered in this blockchain ecosystem. We provide a safe place to shop for those highly vetted products chosen for their efficacy, purity and purpose. This is important to me because I have been in the health care industry for many years and saw the toll toxic products take on the people's health. I created and prepared meals for the critically ill, called myself a HOPE AMBASSADOR, and was fortunate to work with and learn from a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Master Herbalist in a local brick and mortar.

When you shop with us, we give you a decentralized Id, if you so choose so you may begin your journey of shopping and NOT funding the other evil giants stealing from you. You will control who sees what data of yours you wish to share and you will also be rewarded. No monetizing and stealing your data here! YOU are a sovereign being.

We are expanding rapidly and are looking for other products across the spectrum so we can offer something for everyone. We are based on the GICS...The Global Industry Classification Standard.

If you would like more info, check out my page HERE.



I am a part of changing the world!!!

I am a part of changing the world!!!

Myself and a group of likeminded people are changing the world.

About 1000 of us are_ stepping forward_ to be a part of the solution to taking back what is rightfully ours and creating a better world.

Together we are a force...Join us!


Life Changing Decentralized ID vs Incredibly Evil Surveillance Capitalism

Life Changing Decentralized ID vs Incredibly Evil Surveillance Capitalism

Maybe you are like me. You had never heard of Surveillance Capitalism or Decentralized ID before today.

I learned so much this last year because my eyes were now wide open being exposed to the evil ways of big tech. Many movies proved and made me aware that my data is not only being stolen from me with almost everything I do, but it is being monetized without my permission.

I know you have experienced an ad that came up for you on your phone after having a private conversation with someone. Just casually mentioning a product and then BAM...there is on your phone! Buy this...THEY make money off of you! This is called Surveillance Capitalism.

Look up the definition of Surveillance Capitalism. "A new economic order that claims human experience as free raw material for hidden commercial practices of extraction, prediction and sales." A parasite and so on and so on! If you want to really dive in, check out the book by Shoshana Zuboff titled, "The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism". SHOCKING!

The decentralized Id, powered by blockchain re-envisions the way people share access, control, and share their personal information. It gives people power back over their human identity. Instead of proving who you are through multiple channels, you will have a unique identifier and use smart contract technology to enforce companies to a set of rules and standards they must follow to engage with you.

My company, CrowdPoint Technologies is on the forefront of this and is a part of the solution to this atrocity and slave trade. We are building an ecosystem that not only provides you with a decentralized ID if you choose it, but pays you back when you participate. YOU completely control what data you want to get out there. We all have a fundamental right to our own personal data, privacy and personal freedom.

Be a part of this amazing and powerful company headed up by a true servant leader, Sean Brehm, founder and CEO...CrowdPoint Technologies!

Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED

WOW!!! Blockchain explained on every level of understanding! This is awesome because anyone should be able to get a basic level of understanding after watching.

This technology is constantly improving and evolving but we here at CrowdPoint Technologies are on the forefront and offering something unique and BIG! Much more to come!!!

Bravo to this WIRED video!!!

Are you aware??? Are your precious children at risk???

CrowdPoint Technologies is offering a solution VERY SOON! We will use decentralized Ids as one way. This is extremely important! When each child has their own Decentralized ID, we can track them so trafficking will be most difficult since we will be able to identify each and every child! Do you see how powerful this is!!!

Be a part of the (R)evolution and help change the world!

Go HERE for more info.