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Updated by William Coufreur on Dec 29, 2021
Headline for The Futuristic Journey with CrowdPointTech for William Coufreur was a matter of trust!
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The Futuristic Journey with CrowdPointTech for William Coufreur was a matter of trust!

Hi; I'm William and I'd like to share with you my futuristic journey into CrowdPoint.
I joined CP because of an invitation from a very trusted friend who happens to be among a group of some of the best physicians and doctors on this earth. It was about joining him on a journey to become the best version of
ourselves and become prosperous in the process so that we could help others to do the same. It was all about a challenge to getting the right mindset. A mindset of servant leadership and putting our fellow man first. So, from among the hundreds of thousands that heard the call, only about a thousand of us jumped on board to join him on this exciting adventure. So for me, it was a matter of trust!
I've been a servant leader for many years working in South East Asia, mainly Indonesia. To support my mission I started dabbling with 'making money online' and have now stumbled upon becoming a micro preneur for Advanced Medicine Exchange , on the CrowdPoint blockchain Ecosystem. This is a platform that protects your data and doesn't exploit it.
Please check out our blockchain ecosystem here at CrowdPoint.



To find out more about this amazing adventure,
Pay attention. We're living in extraordinary times where everything seems to be spiralling out of control, up side down and on it's head. But to stay ahead of the curb click on this pagelink and join the road to freedom from this tyranny.


Blockchain Talk

To learn more about the blockchain there's a You Tube series just launching by Pete De La Torre, called "Blockchain Talk" who interviews Sean Brehm (Co-Founder and Chairman of CrowdPointTech) and many others about where this is all going and what it can mean for you personally.


Decentralized Blockchain Technology

Decentralized Blockchain Technology

CrowdPoint is levelling out the playing field by building on the Blockchain and decentralising the power of collected data so that everybody’s DATA is secure, safe and protected. This is revolutionary! Normally in this day and age your data is being sold and exploited and only very few benefit from it and it's not you! Not so from now on! Learn more and be freed from this slavery. CrowdPoint is your Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World.


Advanced Medicine Exchange

Advanced Medicine Exchange

AMeX will protect your human identity as well as your physical autonomy; defend the spiritual sovereignty and empower the individual mind with information and knowledge to prevent mankind from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!
Please check out our blockchain exosystem here at Advanced Medicine Exchange (AMeX)


A Servant Leader

A Servant Leader

Sean Brehm, Chariman & Cofounder of CrowdPoint Technologies is a servant leader and is leading his team of members by showing how it's done first and then letting his team follow after him. He's a great example of what leadership is setting the stage with leading by example.
Personally after having served in SE Asia for over 15 years I greatly appreciate servant leadership.
Click on this link for more information on CrowdPoint

now Today the world is moved away from capitalism to neo feudalism

CrowdPoint is bringing a new exchange to the marketplace built on the blockchain. Cybersecurity and marketplace all in one new Exchange, protecting the human identity and decentralized! Advanced Medicine Exchange is on there too. Early mover advantage is happening now.
This is the 4th industrial revolution!

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CrowdPoint Exchange opens the door for the Micropreneur.
Now the small business owner has an equal chance. Profits go the small players, data is protected and more people can feed their families and live freely!