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Updated by Tiffany Shutes on May 27, 2022
Headline for Tiffany’s Journey with CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange.
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Tiffany’s Journey with CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange.

This list details Tiffany Shutes’ Journey with CrowdPoint Cyber Privacy, blockchain and the Advanced Medicine Exchange How these can help us to achieve my dream of a world free of enslavement and inequality.


The ultimate reason we are selling products using blockchain …

My heart aches for a world where we all live in freedom without the need to worry about working to survive to get to the “top.” I feel the CrowdPoint exchange powered by blockchain is the way to create this beautiful world.

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Why I Joined CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange

CrowdPoint’s vision is to bring about a means of transacting where there is a decentralized, level playing field. In this system no longer will the rich and the big corporations have a monopoly, be able to control and censor information and resources.

Advanced Medicine Exchange | Coming Soon

The Advanced Medicine Exchange mission is to combine
medical advances and scientific research with highly
efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing


Join the CrowdPoint Exchange

Join the CrowdPoint Exchange

I joined CrowdPoint because my heart told me that CrowdPoint would be a means to end the enslavement of the global population.

If you too dream of a better world follow your heart and join me. click here


Advanced Medicine International Association for A Disease Free World

Advanced Medicine International Association for A Disease Free World

Join Advanced Medicine for free access to the most powerful health evaluation too on the planet the AHEAD MAP! click to join This will soon be an integral part of the Advanced Medicine Exchange

Crowdpointtech Affiliate Program

CrowdPoint has an affiliate program where you can help others to discover the power of the crowd, promote unique products and take the power out of the hands of the big corporations.

My CrowdPoint Journey began with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and his TAP into Reality Millionaire Mindset program!

This program has been incredible so far, CrowdPoint and the Advanced Medicine Exchange is only one part of it. Join telegram group See my video on the TAP program here.


Advanced Medicine Exchange Mission

Advanced Medicine Exchange Mission

The power is within each and every one of us.
The power to change the world, free ourselves from oppression and bring in the world we dream of. We have the power. We the Crowd. We the CrowdPoint!

Advanced Medicine Exchange - You have the power to heal yourself

If you like this type of empowering message you can see more by joining the IADFW through the
Advanced Medicine Exchange
If you wish to join me in creating a free world Click here to become a CrowdPoint Distributor or Reseller

Blockchain Talk Session 6

I learnt a lot from these shows that are sponsored by CrowdPoint . Episode 6 talks about How Decentralized Identifiers are impacting the media industry” - Pete De La Torre, Sean O’Brien-Brehm and Aby Alexander, Author of “Blockchain Simplified”


Our Leader - Sean Brehm

Our Leader - Sean Brehm

Since joining CrowdPoint I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sean, he is a true servant leader who gives 100% to serve everyone involved with CrowdPoint. His generosity and sense of purpose overwhelms me… I know I’m in the right place with CrowdPoint technologies.

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I am a CrowdPoint Advanced Medicine Exchange Distributor, Advanced Medicine Quantum Energy Coach, and Trusted agent in Worldwide . Visit my website.


A2O Water Coming soon to the Advanced Medicine Exchange!!

A2O Water Coming soon to the Advanced Medicine Exchange!!

You will soon be able to purchase Dr. Buttar’s A2O on the Advanced Medicine Exchange! Dr. Buttar has researched many waters this water is like nothing he has seen before. Drinking a small amount of this water immediately increases the partial pressure of oxygen in your cells.

A good video on the blockchain

BLOCKCHAIN CITY a documentary explaining blockchain and showing uses of blockchain technology thought the world.

My fellow distributors on Blockchain Talk

10 Blockchain Global Ambassadors and CrowdPoint Distributors talk about their reason for becoming a micro entrepreneur .. To see the reason I became a CrowdPoint distributor click here.

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The CrowdPoint blockchain is unique because it brings together the wisdom of source, a servant leader model and the power of the crowd to create a truly free, democratized, level playing field.


“I’ve always been different. I actually like being different. So it’s no surprise to those who know me that the medicine I practice would also be different. More

An introduction to CrowdPoint technologies !!

Watch to find out what CrowdPoint Technologies is all about. Sean O’Brien Brehm founder of CrowdPoint explains what this revolutionary new company is about ……