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Updated by Fran on Aug 26, 2022
Headline for My Abundant Journey in CRWDworld
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My Abundant Journey in CRWDworld

This is a list surrounding the events of my Marketplace Journey. Join me as I navigate this amazing adventure.


Partnering with The Advanced Medicine Marketplace on the Healthcare Exchange

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace offers amazing health and wellness products designed with your health in mind. My marketplace offers only safe and healthy products that I believe in whole-heartedly. Every individual engaging with this unique marketplace builds value. My customers and I both win. I help them learn about natural products and they protect their privacy. The benefits are spectacular.
Learn more here:

Becoming a MicroPreneur! Amazing!

I have become a MicroPreneur! Me! A small business owner in CRWDworld. An amazing new platform powered by the blockchain. CRWDworld has made it step-by-step simple for me to become successful while safeguarding my customers' data and bringing them great products. Learn more here:

The Possibilities are Beyond Belief

This revolutionary marketplace located on a decentralized blockchain not only revitalizes our livelihoods, it protects our identity. Every individual engaging with any builds value for themselves and the crowd. And the crowd is—Us. Here, we take back control of our future! How amazing is that?

I am so grateful to be on this incredible life-changing journey. Learn more here:


This is Blockchain Big!

This is Blockchain Big!

Main Street overtakes Wall Street. Don't get left behind. Join us in an abundant new world where every day people like you and me succeed.

Join us!

Hair Abundance is Here with Vital Elements

The Vital Elements Hair Loss process increases hair growth and strength, reactivates and encourages cell growth and blocks DHT. Vital Elements formulated all their products on a Saw Palmetto foundation, and then infused them with CBD and terpenes. All these products provide a massive benefit to assisting with the thickening of your hair.

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The Advanced Medicine Marketplace’s Grand Opening

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace’s Grand Opening

The marketplace offers health and wellness products and services designed with your health in mind. Every individual engaging with this unique marketplace builds value and protects their digital identity.
These products have been handpicked and vetted by the Platinum 1000 distributors and resellers on the Health Care Exchange. Check them out.