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Headline for 21 Comedy Movies & TV Shows for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)
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21 Comedy Movies & TV Shows for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)

Comedy movies and TV shows for Highly Sensitive People. View more at!


A hilarious take on the "big issues" facing an aging man.



A hilarious take on the growing pains of a Persian boy as he navigates through high school and tries to become popular.

A ramble in a classic car and a cup of coffee.

About a (wannabe) dancer who follows her dreams.

About a psychiatrist turned radio show host who lives with his aging father in Seattle.

Fred Armisen brilliantly blends music and comedy in this niche performance.

A classic comedy about a weatherman who lives the same day (Groundhog Day) over and over again.

Harold, a sensitive and intelligent outsider, gains a new perspective on life.

An exiled poet moves to an island and changes the life of an underachiever turned postman.

An epic road trip with comedian Jack Whitehall and his uptight/serious father.

About an underachieving 30-year old man who lives at home and accidentally discovers his life's meaning with the help of his brother.

Neil gets deep in this special and delivers a plethora of wicked one-liners.

An inspirational show about a first-generation Indian American high school student and her struggles.

About a unique and idealistic guy who is always trying to do the right thing.

Understated, dry, witty, and brilliant comedy in this Portland based show.

A hilarious look into the life of a newly bankrupt family who lives in a motel.

The show about nothing or is it really the show about everything?



A show that follows the life of a young blog writer and her struggles and successes.

A brilliant comedy duo that provide mostly clean, intelligent comedy.

A fascinating and funny tale of an ex-con who becomes successful after his release.

A beautiful story about growing older, burnout, and second-chances.