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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Tips for Safe Face-to-Face Meetings - Five Ways to Ensure Your In-person Meetings Are Safe
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5 Tips for Safe Face-to-Face Meetings - Five Ways to Ensure Your In-person Meetings Are Safe

With the COVID-19 pandemic making in-person meetings a daunting prospect, it may be difficult to put effective safety measures in place. Here are 5 ways to make face-to-face exchanges a much safer and more productive experience.


Turn off the Air Conditioning and Choose an Airy Venue

Anyone who intends to take part or organise a face-to-face meeting with a colleague, business partner, friend, or acquaintance must select a meeting location that's not in an enclosed space. Outdoor settings where the air has plenty of room to circulate are preferred over air-conditioned cafes and conference rooms; this is because air-conditioning machines circulate the same air within the space, making germs stay airborne for a longer period. If one has to meet in an indoor setting, turn off the air-conditioner and switch on a fan instead and keep the venue well-ventilated by opening windows and doors.


Keep the Distance

Always make sure there's at least a distance of a metre or two between yourself and the individual you are meeting. Those who are planning group meetings may want to place tables, chairs, or stools in such a way that the distance is also reflected in the arrangement of furniture. Leave one chair or space empty between two people so they need not mingle too closely together during the meeting. While it may be customary to hug or shake hands when greeting one another, forgo this practice and wave hello instead. In short, make sure your body does not come into close contact with other individuals at any time during the gathering.


Masks Should Be Mandatory

While there is still a great deal of controversy regarding the effectiveness of wearing masks in public places, those who are planning to meet anyone outside of their household face to face must don a mask. Make sure you are wearing the mask properly and that a fresh mask is used every few hours as masks are not effective in keeping polluted air away for longer than a few hours. Wear gloves if one is specifically prone to illness or if one's immunity is already compromised.


Set up Sanitisation Stations

Carry a bottle of sanitiser and a few sanitary wipes with you when heading out to meet someone in person. Make sure the sanitiser you are using is made up of at least 70% alcohol as those with lower alcohol levels have been proven to be ineffective against Coronavirus. Continue to sanitise your hands every half hour or so or after you touch a surface as germs and other harmful bacteria can live on surfaces for days.


Disinfect Surfaces and Utensils

Those who are familiar with Connect@Changi during a short or temporary stay in Singapore will notice how diligently all tables, chairs, handrails, and other hardware are sanitised and disinfected by authorities at the airport. The same protocol must be followed when meeting someone outside of your home as there is no way to avoid touching certain surfaces that come into contact with numerous other individuals throughout the day. Carry a disinfectant spray in your handbag and spray your seat, table, or countertop before you use them.