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Software development outsourcing

A fact sheet to learn before hiring a senior Python developer

How much will you pay for Python development when hiring in different countries? And how big is the difference between junior and senior developer salary? ➡

Everything About Hiring a Senior React Developer

Looking for a React developer? Our price comparison between different countries can be handy. Plus, we share aggregated rates from hundreds of dev shops.

Hiring developers with different tech stacks: how much does it cost?

In 2020, Stack Overflow conducted a massive report about the state of the world IT sector. Around 65 thousand developers took part in their survey.

Hiring a React Native developer: everything you need to know

Recently updated salaries and links on professional communities of React Native developers. Let us help you to find your best candidate!

Vishwastam Shukla from HackerEarth: 5 hiring mistakes I will never make again as a CTO

How many of these mistakes have you already done as a CTO? đź’ˇ Learn from the experience of Series B startup with $11.5M funding.

A Complete Guide to Hiring a Back-End Developer Offshore

Explore the types, technologies, skills, responsibilities, and hiring costs of a back-end developer. Make your hiring decision rationally and consciously.

A Complete Guide To Hiring A Front-End Developer Offshore

By the end of this 10 minutes read, you will be able to identify the best option for your company when hiring a front-end developer.

Everything You Need to Know to Hire a Full-Stack Software Developer

Learn about the main types of full-stack developers, their core skills, responcibilityes, and salaries. As well as when company can benefit from hiring one.

Everything you Should Know Before Hiring a Vue.js Developer

Looking for a senior Vue.js dev? Then, read about different hiring options you have and their costs. Interestingly, freelancing is not so cheap as it seems.

How to vet tech candidates (especially when hiring remotely): best practices in 2021 How to vet tech candidates remot...

Best hiring practices of 2021: the review of 9 online assessment tools like Codility and HackerRank, plus review of offline approaches for candidate vetting.

Rapid Engineering Staff Augmentation: The Ultimate Guide to Temporarily Hire a Developer

Looking for a dev expert who can temporarily enforce your development team but got lost in all possible hiring options? This guide will give you clarity.

How to write an excellent software development RFP to get the best bids

A check-list that will help you in RFP preparation. Save your time and money by choosing the right software development vendor using our tips!

Remote team management — how to deal with challenges?

Remote team managers face challenges every day. To help you with this exciting journey, we’ve prepared some tips on remote team management.

Culture fit in remote teams — a founder’s perspective

Culture fit is an obvious concern for businesses making their first remote hire. It’s different when everyone’s working in the same office: people naturally get to know each other through hundreds of small exchanges during the day. New employees soak the company culture at a visceral, almost magical level — similar to how children learn to talk without any systematic effort from their parents.

How to overcome the challenges of the US tech talent shortage in 2021?

67% of tech leaders acknowledge the shortage of talent pool. In the article, we suggest some ideas of how US companies can deal with a lack of tech talent.

US job market trends during the pandemic: the infographics

2020 was a difficult year not only for the US but for the world’s economy. Apart from the devastating influence on humans’ health and lives, COVID-19 was sort of a dark swan that destabilized a common way of things and brought total uncertainty on every level.

How to Find a Game Dev Team to Create Your Masterpiece? [Updated]

How to find a perfect game dev team? Learn about technologies and best platforms to hire game and other types of developers.

Web Developer Salary: How Much Do Web Developers Make In 2021?

Web development has become a popular job role over the past few years and is ever-growing in demand. In fact, many companies struggle to find competent web developers to work with them full-time. Another factor to consider is how much you’re willing to spend on their salaries. In the article below, we will be discussing the typical web developer salary in the US and around the world.

Tech Salary Guides 2021: Studies of Software Development Market

Due to the rapid changes in the tech hiring market and the high demand for skilled developers and data engineers, numerous companies are forced to steadily increase salaries. Attracting new professionals and retaining old ones has become difficult and expensive. The tech market is changing so fast that even IT salary statistics compiled a year ago are becoming irrelevant.

19 Developer Salary Tools: Where to Find a Benchmark Salary When Hiring Software Engineers in 2021

Benchmarking salaries is one of the most complex tasks for HR Managers. With a dynamic industry like Software Engineering, it’s even more difficult. You should make sure that your salary benchmarks are compatible with current salary ranges, that they are in line with the company finance policy, and, lastly, that salary benchmarks should boost employee morale. Aligning these three aspects is a mammoth task, and without reliable resources, it might be impossible. You will need all the help you can get. 

Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing Models: What is the Difference and Their Pros & Cons

Outsourcing and Outstaffing IT models have evolved to serve companies from all over the world. Even though in nutshell both approaches look the same—remote developers employed by another (not your) company help you with the tasks you don’t have the capacity to do with your in-house team, they are not the same. Recognizing the differences between outsourcing and outstaffing models can help you reveal the best approach for your projects.

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer in 2021

 The current trends signal that there is more likelihood for consumers to use a mobile application rather than a website. It makes freelance app developers or programmers some of the most sought-after skilled personnel on the market today. Hiring mobile app development freelancers can be a daunting task, considering that 1 out of every 5 individuals abandon a mobile application upon first use.

IT Hiring Trends in 2021: Your Guide to Hiring In-Demand Software Developers

How to find and recruit in-demand software developers with a huge tech talent pool shortage? 🤔 Find out the best practices of 2021!

8 Things to Consider When Looking for a Web Design and Development Company in 2021

What is the difference between web design and development? Choose the right web design and development agency for your project in 2021.

Engineering Staff Augmentation: The Developer’s Perspective (Interview)

We spoke with a Ukrainian developer who has been working as a contractor in a US company for a few years and shared his experience.