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What you do at the gym is more important than how often you do it. If you go to the gym almost every day but don't push yourself, use improper form, or wear down your body through overtraining, you're going to less benefit than someone going three times a week and utilizing that time effectively.

A Premium Gym In Rhodes and Fitness Club | X-Active Gym

X-Active! A premium fitness gym in rhodes. It is the newest fitness club near rhodes with latest equipments and expert trainers. Start your fitness journey today.

Enroll Personal Fitness Training At Rhodes For Better You

Looking out for personal training near Rhodes? X-Active gym provides best personal training to get that perfect body, Increased stamina, strength and better health Be ready to see a new version of yourself after getting Personal Fitness Training at Rhodes. Also, build your confidence by building your body & health.

Best Yoga in Rhodes by the Professional Yoga Masters

Join our Pilates & Yoga classes Rhodes Sydney for your Mind, Body & Heart to find a healthier you and Share your experience with our community.
Looking to spend some time for your health and fun. Classes for yoga & pilates rhodes located in sydney.
Inspiring everyone at the gym to go beyond the limits by guiding proper workout techniques & diet to achieve their fitness goals.
Check out the website and get a free trial.

    Easy No-equipment Workouts You Perform At Home - Gym and Fitness

Did you skip your exercise regime because you didn’t have the time to go to the gym in Rhodes? Here are some no equipment exercises that you can enjoy doing at home.

Reach‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Goals‌ ‌With‌ ‌High-Intensity‌ ‌Interval‌ ‌Training‌ ‌

Everything about HIIT, its benefits, HIIT for beginners, and how it benefits you to achieve your goals at Rhodes gyms. Click to read about HIIT in detail.

Know What Happens When You Re-Start Exercising | X-Active

Got to skip sessions for a long time? No worries here is what we will tell exactly what happens when you re-start exercising after a long time. How you are suppose to start your workout again and everything that you must know.

Doing Warm-up Is Important Before Exercising

Without warm-up and stretching, workout incomplete. But many of us skip the warm-up for many reasons. So here we have described why warm-ups are important and how it helps the body during work out.

Best Exercises To Shape Your Body

Shaping ones body by shedding that extra kilos is everyone's goal which is yet to achieve. So don't get confused.
Just check out this amazing piece of information which will help you shape the body in a perfect way.

Guide On Nutrition & Hydration For Exercise - X-Active Gym

Do you feel lethargic in the morning when you go for Rhodes gyms fitness sessions? Do you feel drained out after performing exercises for a few minutes? You might need to take a relook at your nutrition intake and hydration.  
If you are planning to shed few kilos or gain a few then you need to know with exercising at Rhodes gym one also needs to focus on the diet as well. A proper amount of diet and a hydrated body plays important role in body transformation.

Know What Happens When You Re-Start Exercising | X-Active

Certain changes may occur in the body when you kick start exercising after the break. Click to know what happens to your body when you restart your workout.

Things‌ ‌to‌ ‌Know‌ ‌For‌ ‌Fitness‌ ‌Training‌ ‌According‌ ‌To‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Type‌

What do you know about fitness training? Probably nothing if you have just joined a gym. Well, it does not matter as long as you are reading this blog. 
Everyone wants that perfect body but for that you have to work accordingly. Every body type needs different fitness training according to there body type. So here are few mentions that will help you about the workouts.

Things That Will Keep You Motivated For Exercising - X-Active Gym

Consistency is the thing that brings superior, noticeable results. People enroll themselves in Rhodes gyms with enthusiasm, but they don’t visit there regularly. They will go for a few days and then will stop. It is not a good practice. 

Top 5 Factors To Be Considered For Muscle Building

Cardio doesn’t help in muscle building. That’s a myth you might have so many times. In fact, if you consult the best Rhodes fitness trainers, you’ll always find a certain level of cardiovascular or aerobic exercises in your workout routine. 

Guide on Nutrition & Hydration For Exercise | X-Active

Only 30% is exercising & 70% is all about What we consume. A balanced diet plays an important role to improve health. Read more to know about it in detail.

Benefits of Warm Up Before Exercise | X-Active Gym

Learn everything about warm-up before exercise, Its benefits, & why it is important to include warm-up in your exercise routine. Click to learn...