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Updated by infochameleon on Jul 13, 2023
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4 Reasons to use Destratification Fans in Churches and Hospitals

Working best with exceptionally tall ceilings and larger open spaces, it is very common to see destratification fans in churches, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Destification fans work by redistributing the hot air that gathers near the top of the ceiling towards the floor, helping aid in air flow and ventilation throughout the space. Here are 4 of the biggest reasons you should invest in a destratification fan for large spaces like churches and hospitals.


Improve Performance of Existing HVAC System

Hot and humid summer months could wreak havoc on your existing HVAC system’s performance, and your energy bills month to month. Destratification fans are here to help. Since the hot, humid summer air tends to rise and get trapped at the ceiling, destratification fans work to suck that air down and redistribute it around the space. By doing this, you can effectively eliminate hot spots at the ceiling, and allow the entire space to cool to a preset temperature without overworking your HVAC system.


Save on Energy Costs

If you are unable to prevent hot spots in your church or hospital space, your HVAC system may be forced to be overworked and inefficient just to maintain the proper temperature. When the air has the proper ventilation and distribution, it is much easier to cool a space, using half the energy needed before. Destratification fans are the perfect solution for both improved comfort and energy savings.


Guest Comfort

Both churches and hospitals can be places of great vulnerability. Knowing this, you should always strive to have your guests feeling as comfortable as possible. A huge component of this is the air temperature and humidity. A combination of air distribution, ventilation and a robust HVAC system will help ensure your space is comfortable any time, day or night.


Longevity of HVAC System

By installing destratification fans in conjunction with your existing HVAC system, you can help lessen the wear and tear on your system. Without distratification fans, HVAC systems are forced to work longer, harder and less efficiently than they are used to during normal weather conditions.