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List with blog posts about lists

People love lists. So, bloggers use them a lot. A list with blog posts about writing and making...lists.


7 Things You Need to Know About Writing Lists That Work

One sure-fire way to get attention from socially driven sites is to write a really good list. If you look at the current popular articles on CopyBlogger you'll note the following: And this recent extremely simple list scored 109 comments and counting. People love lists.

The Top 10 Qualities of High-Quality List Posts

In an online world where the quality of your blog content is only increasing in importance, the fabled 'list' post commonly gets a bad rap. It's unfortunate, but definitely understandable. You can easily drown in a sea of particularly low-quality, low-value lists posts. But hey -- not all list posts have to suck!

10 Reasons Why Your List Posts should be using Listly

Ok, so this is a long post Startups : Seeking Value Propositions that Speak to your Audience Every startup is seeking it's true value proposition and once they find it, they really cease to be a startup. As startups, that's the challenge we all face. We live this on a daily basis.

10 Steps to the Perfect List Post

List Posts have always been a popular format of post for bloggers. Today Ali Hale examines how to write the perfect list post and gives some great examples along the way of list posts that have done well on blogs. List posts are ubiquitous - and hugely popular - in the blogosphere.

7 Reasons List Posts Drive Traffic to Your Blog | IFB

By Tamara Franklin, founder of the lifestyle blog The Diva's Guide to Life . Studies show that blog posts with headlines that contain numbers bring 3-8 times more traffic than headlines without numbers. Additionally, people tend to share list posts more often than other post types.

15 List Post Ideas When You Get Writer's Block

It's one of the irrefutable, iron-clad laws of blogging: everyone loves list posts. You've no doubt written your fair share of list posts, and they've no doubt been among the more successful posts on your blog. But sometimes blogger's block hits hard and you don't have that golden idea for your next post.

8 Tips For Writing Attention Grabbing List Blog Posts

If I am a reader and seeking information about some xyz topic then I would love to use my precious time of research for a listified article which is not just evergreen but also viral than any other normal article. Listified articles provide you the same kind of links at the same place and save hell lot of time.